Tutorial #25 : Midnight Violet Makeup Look ft Smashbox Double Exposure palette

Hello my beautiful people. Selamat Hari Raya!

Today's look revolves around some deep blue, violet and sparkly silver eyeshadow colors that are all in the Smashbox Double Exposure palette. I picked this palette up couple of months ago and I had just played with it. I'm telling you, I wish I had used it way sooner. The colors are so beautiful and pigmented. You can use all the eyeshadows as it is or you can amp up the intensity by using it wet without messing with the eyeshadow's texture. Awesome stuff. Haha.

Well, here are the ingredients used to achieve this look:

Step #1:
After priming your eyelids, take Makeup Geek's Cupcake, a dusty cool toned pink; and blend it on the crease. This will act as the transition color for deep blue and purple that will be used later on. Blend blend blend sampai berputaq tangan tooodiaaaaah!

Step #2:
Then, take Fig from the palette and blend it into the crease as well to deepen it more.

Step #3:
Next, use Temper and place it into the outer corner of the eye and blend it inwards.
Lagu tu.

Step #4:
Use Midnight and place it on the outer V of the eyelid as well to darken up the look.

Step #5:
Here I used the color Blanc and place it on the bare area of the eyelid. I spritzed on some Mac Fix+ on the brush and use the eyeshadow wet to intensify the color.

Step #6:

After that, wing out them liner and put on your fav falsies.

Lastly, line the waterline with the eyeliner combination of Sephora Stiletto and Zoeva Blue Lotus to achieve that vibrant violet color. Take the color Midnight and place it on the lower lash line, smoking it out with Cupcake. Highlight the inner corner with Blanc (dry) and the brow bone with Veiled.

Fuhhhh, penggunaan palette tahap maksima di situ.

Maka, silakan posing dengan bunga plastik from Ikea sambil mengibas2 kelopak mata dekat abam meatball mintak gravy lebih. Eh eh.

Till my next pictorial,

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Tutorial #24 : Ultimate Eid Smokey Glam Makeup Look

Raya yeay! Raya yeay!

Have no idea what makeup look to go on Eid? Getting bored of the same neutral natural look? Don't worry bebeh, I gots you. 

*ini bukan iklan Go Shop*

What better excuse to pop on those glittery glitz glam eye look other than to merempuh rumah orang during Raya? Meriahnya raya kata kau, tak cukup lampu liplap liplap kau lilit dekat pagar rumah. Mata pun nak kena begermelapan.

Oh, gemerlapan. Bunga bunga matahari, anggun mekarrrr.


"Pem, aku cinta pada kau Pem" *suara itik*

No? Gemerlapan anyone?

Okay, I speak alien language if you haven't already know.

If you want to know how I achieve this look. then keep on scrolling down bebeh.

Step #1:
Prime your eyelids to prevent eyeshadows from creasing. Use Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie and dust it on the crease; blending it upwards.

Step #2:
Use Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear and place it in the crease as well. Make sure to blend it with the transition color in Step 1. Blend tonyoh tenyeh kamonnnnn hiyarghhhh~

Step #3:
To darken the crease even more, use Makeup Geek Mocha and blend it into the outer V. Blend the color into the crease all the way to the inner lids.

Step #4:
To make the look smokier, use Makeup Geek Corrupt and pat it in the outer V. Don't worry if the eyeshadow gets all over the edge of your eyes. You can clean it up later and the world will become a better place again. Mihmih.

Step #5:
Next, use any green or dark eyeshadow color as a base before slapping on the glitter. This can help the glitter to pop even more. I mixed the green and turquoise eyeshadow from Marc Jacob The Siren palette and place it all over the eyelids.

Step #6:
And now the fun part. The glitter. Ahhh, it feels like bombarding someone's place with confetti. Meriahhhh. I use glitter from Beauty Bar Baby in the shade Enchanted Forest (I bought it via cakefaceconfession_ from Instagram). And gewwrllll, this pic doesn't do justice to this gorgeous glitter. It look more eye catching-ly sparkly in person.

 Remember, use glitter glue to make the glitter stick onto your lids. Otherwise, people might mistook Raya for Halloween with all the glitters all over your face.

Take a cotton bud and put some makeup remover on the tip, and slowly clean up the edge of your eye like so.

Step #7:
After popping on your fav falsies, use any golden eyeshadow to highlight the inner corner. I used here KathleenLight eyeshadow from Where The Light Is eyeshadow quad by Colourpop.

Line your waterline with black no smudging eyeliner and set it Makeup Geek Corrupt eyeshadow. Then take Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear and smoke out the lower lash line.


Maka pergilah dikau kibas kibas kelip kelip mata dekat jiran sebelah bagaikan mata kena getik dengan pepatung. Atoiiii~

Beraya mana tahun ni?

Ingat macam nak beraya belah suami tahun ni.

Tapi tetiba teringat...

Aku mana kawen lagi. Bahahaha~

Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim in the world!

Till my next pictorial,

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