Tutorial #18 : Dramatic Royal Purple Cat Eye Makeup Look

Well hello beautiful people on Earth.

In this post I'm gonna share how to get this purple-y blue cat eye look. Originally I wanted to do black as the cat eye flick but my black pencil liner was missing. Dengki siut. So I opted for blue and I love how it turns out.

Step #1:
As always, begin by priming your eyelids to prevent the e/s from creasing. I use Mac Paint Pot in the shade Soft Ochre.

Step #2:
Take any light plum purple and dust it on the crease. You wanna use a slight amount first and gradually put more. Here I use a matte plum shade by Elianto. I had this for ages and it doesn't have a name. Poor baby. Haha.

Step #3:
Take any eyeliner, preferably with fine and thin tip and use that to draw a flick like you are doing your wing eyeliner. If I'm not mistaken I used Maybelline Hyper Glossy liquid liner.

Step #4:
Next, take any creamy blue or black liner and start doing..how do I explain this..do kinda shark fin shape? And then you just wanna blend it in toward the center of the lid. I used Zoeva Graphic Liner in the shade Blue Lotus for this.

Step #5:
Ok, whew. Apa lagi kena buat ni. Oh, mix Chaos & Urban e/s from Urban Decay Electric palette and pat that colors on the area where we make the shark fin shape just now. Maybe I should just call this a shark fin eye look huh?

And to help the color looks blended and put together, use Bitten from Makeup Geek and swipe it on the crease.

Step #6:
Then I used Makeup Forever Artist Shadow in D-926 and pack it on the eyelid. I loveeee this e/s. It's a purple e/s with blue sparkle in it.

Step #7:
After all that mess, use makeup remover to clean up your cat eye flick. For this look I want to make the purple and blue pop so I didn't do wing eyeliner and just put on falsies. I'm swag like that.

Step #8:
Final steps, use Makeup Geek e/s in Shimma Shimma and highlight the tear duct and brow bone.

Then, line your waterline with purple liner, like the one I used; Sephora Crayon Liner in Purple Stilettos. Next, sat sat sat tak habis lagi....use the mix of Urban & Chaos e/s and smoke out the lower lash line. 


Happy New Year!
Woot woot 2015!

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Review : Zoeva Rodeo Belle Eyeshadow Palette

Today I'm reviewing the Zoeva Rodeo Belle palette that I got from my favorite online makeup website, Luxola. I've had this for more than a month now and I don't know what took me this long to talk about this awesome palette. Apart from the fact that I've been busy buying more makeup of course.

I actually bought two Zoeva palettes (posted it on my collective Luxola haul HERE) and appearance-wise, I was intrigued by the other palette at first. But I ended up loving the Rodeo Belle palette more. This palette retails for RM79 which I think it's a steal considering the beautiful and pigmented eyeshadows that it has. 

It comes with an insert that has a similar cover as the palette. The palette is made of slim and lightweight paper board. And when you open it up, tadaaaaaa~ 10 beautiful eyeshadows ranging from reds, greens & blues with matte and shimmering finishes. All of these eyeshadows are so pigmented and their names are so cool too. Obviously cowboy inspired.

Top (L to R) : Early Sunrise, Rodeo Ready, Cactus Flower, Western Diva & Bang Bang
Bottom (L to R) : Yee Haw, Hot Wind, Smoking Gun, Day Money & Deadshot

Early Sunrise 
A soft beige color with matte finish. This eyeshadow comes off a bit powdery but it is still pigmented and easily blended.

Rodeo Ready
A matte warm brown. I loveeee when a palette includes a warm brown that is ideal for transition color in the crease like this one. It's so buttery and pigmented too.

Cactus Flower
A soft dusty rose pink with matte finish. Like any other matte eyeshadow, this one has powdery texture and it has less pigmentation compared to others. It gives more color pay off when you use your finger to apply it.

Western Diva
I love the name Western Diva. I can see myself rocking that name if I were a cowgirl. It is a dark brown eyeshadow with gold sparkle in it.  The sparkle does show up but it is scattered when you lay on the eyeshadow. You know, the sparkle does not excessively shown up. Do you even get what I'm trying to tell here? Cause I don't think I do. Just feel me here okay? Okay.

Bang Bang
A maroon eyeshadow color with red undertone. It has beautiful sheen finish and it is very creamy and opaque.

Yee Haw
So cowboy-y right? This eyeshadow is a very unique color. It is a duo chrome eyeshadow of an ocean turquoise blue color with green undertone. It's soooo pretty. Definitely worth some yeeee haaaaw!

Hot Wind
A sea foam green eyeshadow color with golden undertone. This one is pretty unique too. The sheen that it gives is just perfect and it is very creamy and pigmented. Semua pun nak pigmented kau kan.

Smoking Gun
A dark gun metal silver color with blue undertone and metallic sheen finish. Super buttery and opaque. I could say that this is one of the most pigmented eyeshadows in this palette.

Day Money
A matte medium dark blue color. Again, so pigmented and easy to blend with no fall out.

Dead Shot
A dark blue eyeshadow color with red sparkle in it. I don't really get the idea of having sparkle mixed in eyeshadow cause it really doesn't show up much. Might as well make it full on matte or with shimmering finish. But the eyeshadow is undeniably pigmented, so you do you baby.

I posted pictorials on this makeup look using this palette HERE. Check them out.

- Consist of variety finish and formulation, from matte to metallic sheen
- Great pigmentation
- Value for money
- Slim and lightweight packaging
- Consist of unique duo chrome eyeshadow colors
- It has transition eyeshadow color (which is a major point for me)

- Not really a big deal but I wish the palette comes with a mirror

I'm pretty sure that if you heard this again from me, you might want to hang yourself, but the eyeshadows are so pigmented. Don't hate me for saying it again and again throughout this entire review. I really really love this palette. I honestly love Zoeva brushes, they are the best but was a bit hesitant to try the palette cause you know, excelling in the brushes line doesn't mean that you are great with other makeup stuff. But I'm so glad that I tried it out anyway cause if not I will be missing out so much. All in all, I highly recommend this palette if you are into reds, greens and blues eyeshadow. The color pay off is amazing and this palette is value for money too.

Get the palette HERE for only RM79.

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Tutorial #17 : Green Gold Holiday Makeup Look

Ho Ho Ho. Nothing screams holiday season better than some gold, green & red. These are the colors that I incorporate in this look, throwing some green & copper with gold in the inner corner and pairing it up with red lips. 

Let's begin!

Step #1:
Take Peach Smoothie e/s from Makeup Geek and swipe it on the crease, blending it upwards.

Step #2:
Use Frappe, also from Makeup Geek and use it to darken up the crease and blend it all the way to the inner corner.

Step #3:
Next, take Garnet from Lorac Pro palette and dab it on the center of the lids.

Step #4:
Use any dark green and place it on the outer V of the eyelids. Here I used Fern from Sleek Ultra Mattes Dark palette. Don't worry if it looks messy like mine here cause we can always clean up the edge later. Just make sure to blend blend blend till there is no harsh line on the crease.

Step #5:
Take Gold from the same Lorac Pro palette and place it on the inner corner of the eye and blend it in with the e/s next to it.

Step #6:
Use the same e/s on the lids and pack it onto the lower lash line.

Step #7:
I lined my eyes with eyeliner just half way here. Then I threw on my false lashes, mascara my lower lashes and Ho Ho Ho it's done!

I wore Fire Engine lipstick by Gerard Cosmetics to make the look more holiday appropriate. Appropriate? 
You get what I mean.

Happy Holiday!

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