Review : Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation

Hey lovelies. 

Well it's about time I talk about this newly addition to my foundation stash, the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover foundation.

I've come to term that I'm officially a foundation junkie. If there's a new foundation release, I'll be hoping around like bunny. Terkinja-kinja macam ekor kena gigit kerengga. Atoi sakit oi, kesian Misbun Sidek dulu.

Tak paham kan. Tak mengapa. I'm krik krik krik like that.

Anyway, there are three traits in foundation that can reel me in just *snaps finger* like that. Haa kau macam mean girl gaya.

Long-lasting, full coverage & matte. And this new foundation from Marc Jacobs claims to do just that!

Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Concentrate 

29 Bisque Golden

All Sephora stores in Malaysia.


The foundation claims to be an ultra-lightweight, oil-free foundation concentrate that delivers 24 hours of full-coverage wear. It contains very concentrated pigment which contributes to it being so full coverage. Like a dot of it can cover soooo much. It's so pigmented, like soooo pigmented. 

The foundation is housed in a thick frosty glass bottle which looks so neat and luxurious. Bold-ing and Italic-ing on looks so neat here cause once you open the top cap up, all hell breaks loose. The foundation will smear all over and even when you close it back, there will always a residue left on the inner rim of the applicator. I've tried wiping it off but it keeps getting messier. You you rebellious you!

The applicator of this foundation is something I've never seen before. Many said that it comes with a dropper but what it really is actually a dotter. 

Wait..dotter who?

What I mean is when you pull open the black cap open, there's another silver cap that you need to twist open that actually is a long wand with sphere shape on the end. So this particular wand or dot-er, if I may, holds the foundation on to it and you can dot the foundation directly to your face or on the back of your hand.

Wai boder wai boder. Why do I bore you with the explanation, here look.

So you pull the black cap off.

There's another cap which embedded to the dotter I was telling you.

Twist it up.

Here here! See? See? The wand with a sphere shape on the end. 

THE dotter.

And here is when I figured out I have anger management issue.

That was after it was being wiped off so enthusiastically that smokes starting to come out from my hand.

So annoying -.-"

Moving on, a dot of this foundation goes a long way.

So let me take you through journey of applying this foundation and how long does it hold on my face.

FYI, I have an acne prone skin with scarring and redness all around my face having Xmas party. And my face produces mother load of oil. Like lombong Petronas. I'm not kidding you I could fill up a glass full of oil in seconds. The way I describe things, so sexay ain't it mayte?

Can you hear the sound of chirping birds? Ahhhh~

Okay so it's not my intention to make you vomit with this close up but I just want to show my actual skin condition. Redness here there, some zits to match, oohh and dents too. #ilovemyself #dahkenapa

So here how it looks with 1 layer on the right side (your left) of the face.

I totally forgot to capture it but I put like one dot to my cheek and another one on the temple. See how well it covers with just that much? Full coverage and pigmentation, check check!

As I was buffering and blending the foundation on my skin, I heard the sound of the brush grazing my skin. I couldn't figured out what it was, but then I realized. The foundation is so light weight that it feels like brushing on a paper. 

Okay, now that we have established that, let me show you how the foundation performs after 4 hours. Since I have a very oily skin, it takes around 4 hours for the oil to surface even if I set the foundation with powder. 

Amongst many reviews that I've seen on Marc Jabobs Re(marc)able foundation is that it is really great for oily skin since it is considered to be a matte, full coverage foundation.

Matte, you say eh mayte?

You probably can't see well from this distance so here, let me zoom you in. Or zoom me in. Heee.

Ok, zoom in some more.

Usually with any foundation, the area that I tend to get oily the most is on my nose and the sides of it it. And this Marc Jacobs foundation is no exception. As you can see my face esp my nose it so shiny like a moon light reflecting on the surface of calm lake on midnight. Did I do a good job in making it sounded not as gross? *fist bump*

In the case of a full coverage foundation, no matter how light weight or oil-free that it claims, it tends to cake up on my face after it gets oily. But what I like with this foundation is that I can touch it up with powder without making it cakey-ier.

Like so. 

So to sum up how the foundation fares on my skin:



After 4 hours

- Full coverage
- Light weight
- Highly pigmented (need just few dots for entire face)
- Comes with so many different shade for every skin undertones (yellow, pink & peach)

- Gets oily after few hours
- Tends to look cakey 
- Expensive
- Clings on dry patches if not properly moisturized beforehand

I didn't highlight this earlier but the foundation does cling on dry patches. It doesn't look like it on my pics above because I've richly moisturized my face beforehand. I've tried using it without prepping my skin and I look all wrinkly like Gollum. Haha. So no matter what skin condition you have, moisturize is a must.

I've had my share of bad luck when it comes to hyped up products, especially foundations. Not this one in particular. I'm easily tempted to try out foundation when I heard so many blooming reviews on it; how it's so beautiful on the skin and so long lasting , only to find the opposite performance on my skin. And that's just it. My skin. You may be oily and I'm oily too but it's still different. Also I live in a very dry and humid area; summer all year long if you may, so foundation melt down is kinda anticipated already. Esp on my greasy face.

That being said, I think this foundation will work great with normal to combination skin. People with dry skin can also rock it too but I would suggest you to heavily moisturize your face. I love that it's very full coverage that I don't need to layer on concealer to cover up my spots. Who has time for that? It's an expensive foundation but I think it's bang for your bucks since you need little amount for your face. Lesser if you already have a flawless or not too flawed complexion. And kudos to this foundation line for catering for every skin undertones with an extensive shade selections. I was a bit overwhelmed at first to be honest cause there's too many to choose from, it took 2 beauty advisors at Sephora to help me out. Me and my complicated complexion. #ilovemyself2.0

Although it's light weight and very thin in consistency when you blend it out, I love a foundation that's a bit "wet". Not making sense right? I mean like Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, you know what I mean? So yeah, I will use this foundation up to the last drop, or dot, but I probably won't be purchasing it again.

Hope this review helps.

Till my next review,

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Review : Moonshot Jelly Pot [Bronze Champagne & Mocha Martini]

Hello full-of-dusts-and-spider-webs blog.


Sorry for the long hiatus. Oh wait. Nobody cares. K fine, sendiri cakap sendiri sentap. 

Have you heard of Moonshot cosmetics? Cause that plays a huge part in the blog post of the day.

Moonshot is a Korean cosmetic brand by YG Entertainment company featuring a bright, funky and quirky makeup concepts. Yes that YG. Papa YG's YG.

Cue music *snaps finger*

Naega jeil jal naga. Bam ratatata tatata ratatouille. *menari style Ayda Jebat*

Moonshot arrived at Sephora stores in Malaysia few months ago and being a curious cat that I am when it comes to makeup, I just had to check them out. Sure enough, Moonshot section at a glance screams sleek and edgy with a pop of bright and vivid colored makeup here and there. The concept of dwelling into eye catching makeup and bringing out the extraordinary within the ordinary, that is so YG . I mean, pfttt. 2NE1 to anyone? Woooo redundancy.

Well today, I want to review this one Moonshot's makeup product in particular, which has reeled me in the moment I touched it. Looking at the product itself gives me eye orgasm on its own but it was the touch of it that jolted my entire body.

Yeah baby I'm talking about Moonshot Jelly Pot right here.

Moonshot Jelly Pot 

I picked up 2 shades out of 18 available. Spent hours swatching everything cause ya know Mama wants 'em all.

P06 Bronze Champagne
P07 Mocha Martini

All Sephora stores in Malaysia.

Edit : Guess what guys? You can now purchase it online through Sephora Malaysia's website!
Not only the Jelly Pot but also all of Moonshot's awesome products. Now that it is a click away, we are so doomed, you and I. Haha.

Moonshot -

Or kalau kau agak2 kekwat, kau beli la dekat website Korea.


This magical lightweight plastic pot houses a jelly cream shadows that comes with 2 different finishes; matte and pearl. Both shades that I bought have pearl-y sheen finish. The texture of this eyeshadows are so unique to me. They don't feel like a bouncy jelly. Well at least what I thought it would feel like since it's called jelly. They feel more like a concentrated liquid poured into a pot. When you tap on the eyeshadow, it feels like touching a syrup minus the stickiness. There will be a dent on the surface of the eyeshadow but since it is practically a liquid, it will whooshhh back and become perfect like you haven't dip your finger in it. But you know you did. Naughty naughty.

A little goes a long way with this eyeshadow. Like seriously. I barely need to tap into it and what's on my finger can cover the entire eyelid. Pigmentation is so strong with this one. It's easy to blend and goes on smoothly. But I would recommend using your finger to do so. The way that I find work best is to dab it on the lid and blend it with small strokes.

Major point to be taken note of this eyeshadow is that, although it has a thick liquid texture, it sets into powder finish. So if you want to bring your eye makeup game to the next level level by topping off another powder eyeshadow on top of it, it's got you covered baby. It will amplify the eyeshadow without looking blotchy.

♥ Bronze Champagne
A sparkling light beige with a hint of frosty pink color. This shade looks like a light bronze color in some light but when you turn it around facing different lighting, it reflects as a subtle pink champagne color. It has beautiful sheen to it and it is a great everyday lid color.

♥ Mocha Martini
A golden gold color. I think that's the perfect way of describing color. Like that sparkling gold coins Harry Potter's parents left him in the bank. This shade also has that pearl-y sheen with deep golden color pay off. I love this color as inner tear duct highlight. It draws the attention to the eyes, looking very chic and glamorous.

Some looks that I created using these two Jelly Pot eyeshadows:

Bronze Champagne

Mocha Martini

- Beautiful color range and sheen finish
- Highly pigmented
- A little goes a long way, I'm not even kidding
- Easy to use
- Packaging is lightweight for travel
- Can put powder eyeshadow on top
- Doesn't budge when it sets

- The whole pot MAY dried up fast before you could finish it all
- A bit pricey

Overall, I'm very much satisfied and in love with Moonshot Jelly Pot eyeshadows. The whole Jelly Pot range has beautiful eyeshadow colors ranging from wearable daily use to intense dramatic colors. I already have few shades that I've been itching to get my hands on. But my purse itches more from being all empty and dusty. Haha.

The major brownie point for this jelly pot is that you just need to use a teeny tiny dot of it to cover your entire eyelid. Meaning, 1 pot for your entire life. I kid you not. So although it's a bit on the pricier side, I'd say it is well worth it. My only concern is that it may dried up before you could even finish quarter of it. But hey, there's a solution for that. No, I mean a solution. You know, the ones used to dilute your dried up makeup. Or better yet, since this eyeshadow turn into a powder finish when it's dried up on the eyelid, just use it as a typical eyeshadow when it boils down to that right? 

That theory is yet to be proven. Come back and check for the update 5 years later. Haha.

Till my next review,

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Tutorial #27 : Burgundy Cat Eye Makeup Look

Hellooooo beautiful people!

I never used a scotch tape for my makeup but I've been wanting to, so I used it.

#storyofmylife #theend

Immediately, I felt inspired to do a sharp edgy cat eye look so today I'm gonna show you step by step on how I achieve this smokey burgundy cat eye look. It looks intimidating but it's soooo easy to achieve. I think this was the fastest makeup look I have ever done. And since the cat eye look is purposely left looking sharp and kinda cut crease, there weren't so many brushes went down to create this look. No crease blending so no 18 brushes needed. Mih mih mih.

The ingredients:

Oh and also a scotch tape. Or dalam bahasa Bagan Serai nya, selotep.

Step #1:
Tape down the selotep on the outer edge of your eye, depending how slanted you want your cat eye to look. I used the side of my nose and the tail of eyebrow as my guide. After that, use any felt tip eyeliner and start lining the outer tail shape of the cat eye. Don't worry if it looks messy cause we can fix it later. Don't worry, look how I did mine. Like I was struggling doing it in the middle of earthquake. Watlek watpis.

Step #2:
Next, use a gel eyeliner and fill in the outer edge of the cat eye shape. I used Marc Jacob gel eyeliner something something in the color something something which is obviously a black but what fun to just call it a plain black right. It has to be something something. Ooooo..kay so you can just use any black gel liner that you have. 

After that, set the area with a black eyeshadow and blend it slightly to the front.

Step #3:
Here I used the mix of Makeup Geek's Raspberry and Bitten to create a red burgundy color and pat it on the center of the lid, blending it with the black eyeshadow color.

Step #4:
Use any light beige eyeshadow and highlight the 1/3 of the lid and highlight the tear duct as well.

Gently remove the scotch tape and you will get a nice sharp crisp line like meow meowwww.

Step #5:
Line the waterline with black liner, use a black eyeshadow on the lower lashline and smoke it out with the same burgundy color used on the lid. 

Glue on you fav falsies and mascara your lashes, and ang ang ang tot te mo dai yi suki Doreamon~ 
Meowww it's done!

Till my next pictorial,
 Mata Sepet

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