Tutorial #27 : Burgundy Cat Eye Makeup Look

Hellooooo beautiful people!

I never used a scotch tape for my makeup but I've been wanting to, so I used it.

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Immediately, I felt inspired to do a sharp edgy cat eye look so today I'm gonna show you step by step on how I achieve this smokey burgundy cat eye look. It looks intimidating but it's soooo easy to achieve. I think this was the fastest makeup look I have ever done. And since the cat eye look is purposely left looking sharp and kinda cut crease, there weren't so many brushes went down to create this look. No crease blending so no 18 brushes needed. Mih mih mih.

The ingredients:

Oh and also a scotch tape. Or dalam bahasa Bagan Serai nya, selotep.

Step #1:
Tape down the selotep on the outer edge of your eye, depending how slanted you want your cat eye to look. I used the side of my nose and the tail of eyebrow as my guide. After that, use any felt tip eyeliner and start lining the outer tail shape of the cat eye. Don't worry if it looks messy cause we can fix it later. Don't worry, look how I did mine. Like I was struggling doing it in the middle of earthquake. Watlek watpis.

Step #2:
Next, use a gel eyeliner and fill in the outer edge of the cat eye shape. I used Marc Jacob gel eyeliner something something in the color something something which is obviously a black but what fun to just call it a plain black right. It has to be something something. Ooooo..kay so you can just use any black gel liner that you have. 

After that, set the area with a black eyeshadow and blend it slightly to the front.

Step #3:
Here I used the mix of Makeup Geek's Raspberry and Bitten to create a red burgundy color and pat it on the center of the lid, blending it with the black eyeshadow color.

Step #4:
Use any light beige eyeshadow and highlight the 1/3 of the lid and highlight the tear duct as well.

Gently remove the scotch tape and you will get a nice sharp crisp line like meow meowwww.

Step #5:
Line the waterline with black liner, use a black eyeshadow on the lower lashline and smoke it out with the same burgundy color used on the lid. 

Glue on you fav falsies and mascara your lashes, and ang ang ang tot te mo dai yi suki Doreamon~ 
Meowww it's done!

Till my next pictorial,
 Mata Sepet

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  1. Bagan Serai??? HAHAHA! Orang utagha ka ni!??? Btw, what eyeshadow palette is that? Lorac? NYX?

    1. Hahaha, you pun orang utagha kaaa? Oh I forgot to mention, that's Smashbox Double Exposure palette. Thank you for always dropping by! ^^

  2. Orang Bukit Mertajam nih!!! Where do you get your LA Girl concealer?

    1. Laaaa yakaaa. Haha. I ordered them through IG shop. You can check out @cakefaceconfession_ or @dsahanara ^^