Review : Moonshot Jelly Pot [Bronze Champagne & Mocha Martini]

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Sorry for the long hiatus. Oh wait. Nobody cares. K fine, sendiri cakap sendiri sentap. 

Have you heard of Moonshot cosmetics? Cause that plays a huge part in the blog post of the day.

Moonshot is a Korean cosmetic brand by YG Entertainment company featuring a bright, funky and quirky makeup concepts. Yes that YG. Papa YG's YG.

Cue music *snaps finger*

Naega jeil jal naga. Bam ratatata tatata ratatouille. *menari style Ayda Jebat*

Moonshot arrived at Sephora stores in Malaysia few months ago and being a curious cat that I am when it comes to makeup, I just had to check them out. Sure enough, Moonshot section at a glance screams sleek and edgy with a pop of bright and vivid colored makeup here and there. The concept of dwelling into eye catching makeup and bringing out the extraordinary within the ordinary, that is so YG . I mean, pfttt. 2NE1 to anyone? Woooo redundancy.

Well today, I want to review this one Moonshot's makeup product in particular, which has reeled me in the moment I touched it. Looking at the product itself gives me eye orgasm on its own but it was the touch of it that jolted my entire body.

Yeah baby I'm talking about Moonshot Jelly Pot right here.

Moonshot Jelly Pot 

I picked up 2 shades out of 18 available. Spent hours swatching everything cause ya know Mama wants 'em all.

P06 Bronze Champagne
P07 Mocha Martini

All Sephora stores in Malaysia.

Edit : Guess what guys? You can now purchase it online through Sephora Malaysia's website!
Not only the Jelly Pot but also all of Moonshot's awesome products. Now that it is a click away, we are so doomed, you and I. Haha.

Moonshot -

Or kalau kau agak2 kekwat, kau beli la dekat website Korea.


This magical lightweight plastic pot houses a jelly cream shadows that comes with 2 different finishes; matte and pearl. Both shades that I bought have pearl-y sheen finish. The texture of this eyeshadows are so unique to me. They don't feel like a bouncy jelly. Well at least what I thought it would feel like since it's called jelly. They feel more like a concentrated liquid poured into a pot. When you tap on the eyeshadow, it feels like touching a syrup minus the stickiness. There will be a dent on the surface of the eyeshadow but since it is practically a liquid, it will whooshhh back and become perfect like you haven't dip your finger in it. But you know you did. Naughty naughty.

A little goes a long way with this eyeshadow. Like seriously. I barely need to tap into it and what's on my finger can cover the entire eyelid. Pigmentation is so strong with this one. It's easy to blend and goes on smoothly. But I would recommend using your finger to do so. The way that I find work best is to dab it on the lid and blend it with small strokes.

Major point to be taken note of this eyeshadow is that, although it has a thick liquid texture, it sets into powder finish. So if you want to bring your eye makeup game to the next level level by topping off another powder eyeshadow on top of it, it's got you covered baby. It will amplify the eyeshadow without looking blotchy.

♥ Bronze Champagne
A sparkling light beige with a hint of frosty pink color. This shade looks like a light bronze color in some light but when you turn it around facing different lighting, it reflects as a subtle pink champagne color. It has beautiful sheen to it and it is a great everyday lid color.

♥ Mocha Martini
A golden gold color. I think that's the perfect way of describing color. Like that sparkling gold coins Harry Potter's parents left him in the bank. This shade also has that pearl-y sheen with deep golden color pay off. I love this color as inner tear duct highlight. It draws the attention to the eyes, looking very chic and glamorous.

Some looks that I created using these two Jelly Pot eyeshadows:

Bronze Champagne

Mocha Martini

- Beautiful color range and sheen finish
- Highly pigmented
- A little goes a long way, I'm not even kidding
- Easy to use
- Packaging is lightweight for travel
- Can put powder eyeshadow on top
- Doesn't budge when it sets

- The whole pot MAY dried up fast before you could finish it all
- A bit pricey

Overall, I'm very much satisfied and in love with Moonshot Jelly Pot eyeshadows. The whole Jelly Pot range has beautiful eyeshadow colors ranging from wearable daily use to intense dramatic colors. I already have few shades that I've been itching to get my hands on. But my purse itches more from being all empty and dusty. Haha.

The major brownie point for this jelly pot is that you just need to use a teeny tiny dot of it to cover your entire eyelid. Meaning, 1 pot for your entire life. I kid you not. So although it's a bit on the pricier side, I'd say it is well worth it. My only concern is that it may dried up before you could even finish quarter of it. But hey, there's a solution for that. No, I mean a solution. You know, the ones used to dilute your dried up makeup. Or better yet, since this eyeshadow turn into a powder finish when it's dried up on the eyelid, just use it as a typical eyeshadow when it boils down to that right? 

That theory is yet to be proven. Come back and check for the update 5 years later. Haha.

Till my next review,

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  1. OMG, I remember swatching these at Sephora and going oooo... One touch and you can cover one eyelid! Freaking potent stuff! Anyways, ada la orang masih tengah tunggu update from your blog with bated breathe, i.e. yours truly (ok la, bated breath is a little too over dramatic :P ).

    1. Awwww thank you darl! Yessss my reaction exactly. I went uuuuuu and waaaaa the entire time. It's so impressive that my hands couldn't handle it terus tercampak dua masuk bakul haha XD

  2. cantik ar tinnnn..tapi harga oh mak kau..hahaha..tapi itulah caranya nak merabihkan 10% discount yang cik sephora bagi..hari tu tgk u travel dkt IG u. g mane tu? :)

    1. Cantek kennnnnn. Tapi tuh la, harga dia macam la kita kawen dgn tokey petronas. Haha. I travel g korea jurrrr ^^

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