Review : Cocoblanc Malaysia AURA Foundation Stick

Hellooooo my dearest beauties!

I'm back with another review. Another foundation. Another. Yes. 

In this post I'll be talking about the Cocoblanc AURA Foundation Stick. In case you miss the post title haha.

Not gonna lie, when I first received this, I felt like throwing my mortar board up high to the sky all over again.  Mannnn was I excited. Almost similar excitement when I graduated from all the calculus books with 5 meters thickness, endless writings, answered a simple question like an essay but was given full marks of 2 points, etc. Pfffttttt ya think the lecturer will at least mercifully reward you with an extra half marks for all the sincerity and bloods oozing out of your fingers from writing so much.

Ehem. Anyways.

Did I mention that this AURA foundation stick is a local product? Yeah, it is made by Malaysia company called Cocoblanc Malaysia. Woot woot to that!

AURA Foundation Stick

#23 Natural Beige

Also comes in #21 Light Beige

Instagram : @cocoblancmalaysia


The foundation is housed in a dual ended tube packaging where it has the foundation stick on one end and a brush on the other end.

Talk about efficiency and convenience #1.

Sorry that mine looks all beaten up. Clearly somebody was too excited to use it.

As you can see, the foundation stick itself is on the outer rim whereas the white product in the middle is actually a primer. Interesting, ain't it? Foundation and primer all in one?

Talk about efficiency and convenience #2.

Info taken from Cocoblanc Malaysia's IG, the Cocoblanc foundation stick is filled with Vitamin C & E which help whitening and protecting your skin during your makeup. The inner core is made of primer to moisturize your skin and help to smooth cover to bring a dewy and glowing look to your face.

This foundation is veryyyy creamy and easy to blend. It gives medium to full coverage with several swipes across the face. You can easily tone down the coverage by swiping it lightly on your face if you are not into heavy duty coverage.

Now let's talk about the brush.

The 0.05mm soft and elegant touch of 15 degree brush provides flexibility when applying and smoothness cover without peeling off.

In my opinion, the brush does feel soft to the touch but I sometimes experience slight prickling when using it. Maybe I was tonyoh-ing too hard core. And I prefer to use other tools to blend the foundation out just because the brush is rather small and it takes time to blend out the huge area of my face. Believe me, the time taken got me hands all numb. But that is when I have easy access to my other brushes or beauty blender. The brush attached to the stick foundation is definitely usable and very very convenience to have. There were times I couldn't be bothered to bring my foundation brush along when I went travel (Perak to KL eheemmm) and I was so glad I could just bring along this one piece of tube.

Like always, I'm gonna show you how it fares on my skin.

Hold and beyond, the ultimate greatness of my bare face.


If you don't already know, I have an acne prone skin with dark scarring, topping off with a very very oily complexion. I'm talking bout Cok Keria kinda oily grease.

Toleh kiri.

Toleh kanan. Toleh depan tapi bukan belakang.

The way I like to apply this foundation is by swiping 2 stripes on both my cheeks, one on the forehead, nose and chin. And I build up the coverage by adding few dots on more problematic areas on my cheeks.

As you may very well see, my acne scars are mostly covered except for some stubborn ones. And do you see the glowing-ness that the foundation gives? Love that. But it's all gonna come down when I powder myself. I have to set them with powder since they are creamy and my oily skin will make them slip and slide.

I was amazed on how flawless the foundation makes my skin looks when I have set them on. Caught myself looking in the mirror and went "uuuuuuuuu" like a shameless human that I am. Haha.

Usually the oil on my face will seep through and foundation tends to break and cake up at around 4 hours mark.

After 4 hours:

My face is lit up! As expected. Haha. But as you can see, the foundation has minimal breakage but it has started to cake up a little bit. If I were to touch up this instant, all will be good and it may prolong the wear of the foundation.

But, ermm no. I'm going to test it out more with no touch up like I always do for review purpose.

After 6 hours of wear:

It's amazing how I can be all smiling at this point. Haha.

Oh, that was not a high beam headlights from a car. That's my face. But is it weird that I'm diggingggg this glowing-ness? Haha.

To sum up the AURA foundation stick's journey on my face throughout the day:



After 4 hours

After 6 hours

Medium to full coverage (buildable)
Creamy and lightweight
Easy to blend
Dewy and glowing finish
Doesn't accentuate dry patches
Comes with a brush and built in primer

Not long wearing for oily skin
Can be used up/finish quickly
Comes with only 2 shades

I know you guys see this coming. As you can see the foundation does not hold well on me, the greasy monster. It suits normal to dry skin the best.  I loveeeee how it looks during the first few hours. Flawless and glowing. Not going great after 4 hours on my skin but a powder touch up will definitely help.

But I still like the foundation for easy fix up and short term wear. You know like wear it until Zohor and take it off for solat. And it'd be super convenience to put it back on the face aftwerwards, what with the brush attached to it. If you are the take-off-put-on kinda makeup lover, you will love the efficiency of this foundation sitck.

I was contemplated to put "pricey" as one of the cons, but come to think of it, the foundation has 3-in-1 concept; foundation, primer & brush all in one so you be the judge of it. But keep in mind, since it comes in stick form (lesser product), like any other stick foundation brand from other brand (e.g. Makeup Forever), it may finish up rather quickly especially if you use a lot of it at once like I do for full coverage.

Hope the review helps.

Till my next review,

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Benefits of Body Scrub

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*wiki wiki*


Everytime when we hop in the shower, we have our hair and skin care lined up for use. From shaving creams, shampoos, body wash to facial cleansers. However, what about body scrubs? Body scrub is essential to the health of your skin as it has various beauty benefits to it. We are not saying you need to scrub your skin every single day but once a week will be fine. You can find a range of body scrubs available in stores or even make a homemade one too. If you are one of those individuals who have ignored body scrubs, take a look at the three beauty benefits of body scrub below.

Remove Dead Skin Cells
Everyone knows that our skin is always exposed to dirt and harmful substances when we step out of the house. If you want to maintain a smooth healthy skin, it is a must-do beauty regime. After your shower (once a week), scrub your skin to remove dead skin cells. It helps cleanses through your pores and removes harsh particles off giving you smooth supple skin afterwards. Before going to bed, apply some lotion and wake up the next day feeling fresh.

Increases Blood Circulation 
The combination of cleansing, exfoliating and massaging your skin thoroughly with the body scrub product helps increase your blood circulation. With a nice flowing blood circulation as it clears your lymph nodes, it helps keeps your skin from turning pale and dull. Give your skin the invigorating rub down it craves a few times in a month and you will definitely feel the difference.

Hydrate your Skin 
Body scrubs also hydrates your skin as it brings off all those dirt away. This helps you to sooth your skin with lotions after showering and it can absorb it easily into your pores. It deep cleanses your skin and you will absolutely feel that healthy aura immediately. Turn your bathroom into a spa once a week as a reward to yourself to unwind after a long week of work.

 Have fun body scrubbing yauwl!

Review & Swatches : Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks

Hi yauwl~

Liquid lipsticks are all the rave these days and almost every makeup brand has came out with their own version of liquid lipsticks. Okay apsal kata2 intro macam essay ni. Heee~

 I know for a fact that every makeup junkie has started collecting liquid lipsticks since last year and probably dah melimpah ruah collection mereka. But that ain't me bebeh. Well at least not yet. While everyone is going cray cray trying out every liquid lipstick there is, I'm that lonely weirdo peeking out behind a tree watching everything silently and creepily. That's cause I've been reading and watching tons of mixed reviews and to be honest I'm easily swayed macam lalang. Oh best? Ok nak la. Alamak ada kata tak best pulak. Ok nanti jap la. Pup pap pup pap nanti jap haaa kau 297 days have passed by. And of course my first liquid lipstick experience ever with Stila liquid lipstick (malas nak cakap read HERE rasa macam Hitler paksa2 orang, so pergilah read THERE sana) has traumatized me a bit. Can't believe that there are people who find it comfortable and claim that it has the best texture -.-"

Then I remembered something that I always tell myself; things that work on others may not work on me and products that work great on me may not work best for others. Okay that's it. I'm doing it. So I took the plunge and placed orders on several liquid lipstick from different brands through couple of IG shops. Most of them are yet to arrived but the one that I anticipated the most has safely arrived in my loving arms; the Ofra Liquid Lipsticks.

I actually ordered 3 shades initially from @cakefaceconfession_ . When it arrived, I picked it up at the post office, ripped the package off in the car and tried it on immediately, loved it, decided I need more, found out that had ready stock of Ofra liquid lipsticks and placed an order on 3 more shades.

And that kids, is how I got my 6 Ofra liquid lipsticks. #truestory

Ofra Liquid Lipstick

Bel Air
St Tropez
Laguna Beach
Miami Fever
Havana Nights

Pre-order at @cakefaceconfession_
Ready stocks at


I don't think I have to tell you this, but I want to anyway cause it's my blog and I'm exercising my right to freedom of speech. 


Okay Nur Fatin, sit down please. And tuck away that banner.

Ofra liquid lipstick has a thick, soft mousse texture with sweet bakery scent and I said thin in comparison with Stila liquid lipstick that has thinner texture. The Ofra liquid lipstick has great color opacity and goes on smooth on the lips on initial application. It dries up matte and feels comfortable on the lips. Now when I say comfortable, I mean that it doesn't feel like it's tugging and hugging your lips tightly, you know what I'm saying? Since it's matte, of course it accentuates the lines on your lips but not in an ugly way. Matte katanya. Kalau tak nak nampak begitu sila cicah mulut dalam lebihan minyak masak goreng ikan pagi semalam. Eh ke semalam makan luar? Haha.

It doesn't feel drying on the lips but not hydrating either, obviously. You don't feel like you have sand papers hanging on your lips. It feels a little bit tacky when you press your lips together but in a completely acceptable level. I heard people saying "oh that's okay, who keeps on pressing their lips together anyway?". Excuse me girl, I do. Especially when I know that I'm wearing a liquid lipstick. I don't know why but I feel like I need to test out the tackiness every 10mins. Tapi takde la sampai tonyoh tenyeh mulut macam kunyah sireh kan.

Another thing that I find with this liquid lipstick is that darker shades like Miami Fever & Havana Nights have a bit heavier and tackier texture when it dries up than lighter shades such as Bel Air & St Tropez.

Ofra liquid lipstick is housed in a light plastic tube with plastic label that has the name of the shade on it. The packaging is not luxurious in the way you'd expect considering the price that you pay. But I can let it slide cause the product itself is awesome and obviously the money goes for the quality inside, not outside. Although, it'd be awesome-r if it comes in a heavy glass bottle embedded with Swarovski crystals and Adele's song starts playing when you twist it open. Woohoooo~

The product does not last that long in my opinion. Did I tell you that it doesn't dry up completely? Dries up matte, yes but not completely. It is not kiss proof so it leaves out stains everywhere, on your glass, on your spoon, on your bowl kalau hirup sup tulang, etc. I waited for hours before I started eating, thinking that it might dry by then but na-ahhh. Since the liquid lipstick transfers, I cannot vouch on how long it wears out throughout the day. Maybe few hours before you eat. Or you can sip your water using straw but holding the straw with your teeth instead.

Now now, let's look at the swatches shall we?
We shall.

 Sorry for the messy swatches. I tried my best. I gambate. Hehe.

 (L-R) : Bel Air, St Tropez, Laguna Beach, Mocha, Miami Fever, Havana Nights

♥ Bel Air 

Bel Air is a peachy brown nude shade. It goes on smooth but I need to go in with 2 layers to get it even. But it is not in any way patchy when layered. I was afraid that it might look too nude on my complexion but I think it looks great when paired with smokey eye look. 

St Tropez 

St Tropez is a light mauve-y pink shade. In the pic is looks almost neon but in person it is actually a bit darker and has more cool mauve-y undertones to it. I purchased this by accident but I ended up lovingggg it.

Laguna Beach 

Laguna Beach is a soft pink color that can easily be an everyday wear color. Cantik cantik. Cantik ke idakkk kengkawan?

♥ Mocha 

Mocha is also one of my favs out of the bunch. It is a mauve brown color with cool undertones. Again, sorry for the light wash off but it looks a bit darker and cooler than shown in the pic. 

Miami Fever 

Miami Fever is the shade created by the cutest and funniest Youtuber; Kathleen Lights, in collaboration with Ofra cosmetics. It is a beautiful burnt orange with red undertone shade. This one feels a bit heavy and tacky on my lips but still comfortable nevertheless.

Havana Nights 

Another shade created by Kathleen Lights. Havana Nights is a dark blood red with cool undertone. Loveeee this one too.

- Comfortable
- Does not dry up the lips
- Not patchy
- Smells good, teehee
- Wear off beautifully
- Beautiful range of shades available

- Does not set completely
- Leaves out a stain

You want to try out a liquid lipstick that doesn't feel like it is ripping out your lips? Yes buy this. You have OCD and will turn into mad bull when you see all the stains left behind? Go see a doctor. Haha.

I love the formula Ofra liquid lipsticks. Dry is the most popular word associated to liquid lipstick but thankfully not this one. The only thing that drives me mad is when I see a stain on my glass cause I kinda expect it to be stain proof. It'd be purrrrfect if it is. But it is still so worth it and I highly recommend you try it, at least try one shade and be the judge of your own. Believe me sista and broda. I got you on this.

Till my next review,

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Review : L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation

Yes. Another review. I'm on the foundation review roll lately. Foundation is one of the top makeup products I enjoy trying out and I get so excited when a new foundation comes out I'll be biting my toenails off to buy it. So it's only natural for me to be talking about foundation more so than the other makeup products. And the foundation that has made it's way to my blog today is the L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation. Tadaaaaaa~

L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation

104 Golden Beige

Not in Malaysia, unfortunately. Booooo~

I had to pre-order this on IG shop. Here are few IG that you could place your order at:


(price may vary depending on current currency values)

It is described to be an air-light and long wearing foundation with demi-matte finish that goes smooth to hide imperfection complexion and lasts up to 24 hours. 

Nawok mung 24 jang eh.

This foundation is housed in a plastic tube where you can squeeze out the foundation and has full control on how much you want to use. Lady boss sangat ghase. 

It has a very creamy texture; feels almost like a mousse consistency. It claims to provide medium coverage and I find it to be quite buildable towards full coverage. They have 12 shades to choose from and I use the shade Golden Beige and I'm Mac NC30 equivalent.


Now, now. Let's see how it applies on my skin.

If this is your first time to encounter the horrifying close up of my bare face, please know that I have an acne prone skin with a lot of redness and scarring. I also have a very oily complexion and any foundation tends to break around the sides of my nose within 4 hours after I applied and set it.

Okay, ready?


For this review, I'm applying one layer first to the left side of the face.

With one layer, it does a great job in covering my acne scars and redness around my face. You may not notice this due to lighting but the since acne scars are dark, they still peek through a little bit. Usually I don't really mind that. I just pretend I have freckles on my cheeks. Eeee tomeynya haha. 

But this time, I applied a second layer on the problematic area just to show how it builds up.

This foundation sets so quick, within 30 seconds so as I was taking pics of the first layer on my face, it has already set completely. And when I went in for second layer, holy moly Tony Moly, it went on so patchy and difficult to blend. Just imagine putting a creamy foundation on top of powder. Ughh. But I managed to make it work. So just remember, you have to work quickly with this foundation especially if you want to build it up.

Here is how it looks full face on. You can see that it does not look flat matte but not dewy looking as well. Just a perfect satin finish. I did not set the face with powder which I rarely do. But since this foundation sets and sits nicely on the skin, I thought I'd skip powder.

Completed makeup look:

I usually check on my foundation after 4 hours cause that's when the sebum (oil) on my face turns rouge. My face will be drenched with oil. Nyampah *tumbuk bahu* 

But with this foundation....

Pretty great right? I mean, my nose does look oily and a bit shiny on my forehead but not as greasy looking as usual. Come on, this is way better than the previous foundation that I reviewed. The foundation looks a bit cakey around my nose but believe me, I'm thankful that it looks at least like that with my oily complexion. I think the best time for a foundation to look on the face is when it is mixed with natural sebum of the skin. Omputih kata, apa tu..break oil? Haaa kau. Pecah minyak katanya. 

After 6 hours:

The foundation went on for 6 hours on my face without blotting and that's about the maximum wear time that I got with this foundation for my oily skin. After 6 hours, it starts to break on my smile lines and the usual spots around my nose. But 6 hours is an achievement considering I didn't even set it with powder.

So to sum up on how the foundation fares on me:



After 4 hours
Woooo I looked like I had helium balloons for lunch. But I did have lunch so gimme a break please. Hehe. 

After 6 hours

- Medium buildable coverage
-  Creamy and light weight texture
- Mid range price
- Semi matte finish
- Goes on smooth and easy to blend
- Doesn't accentuate lines and dry patches
- Great for oily skin

- Sets too quick
- Gets patchy if blended too late

I don't really have many bad things to say about this foundation. I think it's a versatile foundation that looks great for all skin types. Since it does not cling on dry patches, I think it will look beautiful on people with dry skin as well. Even so, please don't even try to skip your dutiful moisturizing routine. For all my oily squads out there, if you want to give this a try, I've got your back baby. Peace and out.

Hope this review helps.

Till my next review,

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