Review : L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation

Yes. Another review. I'm on the foundation review roll lately. Foundation is one of the top makeup products I enjoy trying out and I get so excited when a new foundation comes out I'll be biting my toenails off to buy it. So it's only natural for me to be talking about foundation more so than the other makeup products. And the foundation that has made it's way to my blog today is the L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation. Tadaaaaaa~

L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation

104 Golden Beige

Not in Malaysia, unfortunately. Booooo~

I had to pre-order this on IG shop. Here are few IG that you could place your order at:


(price may vary depending on current currency values)

It is described to be an air-light and long wearing foundation with demi-matte finish that goes smooth to hide imperfection complexion and lasts up to 24 hours. 

Nawok mung 24 jang eh.

This foundation is housed in a plastic tube where you can squeeze out the foundation and has full control on how much you want to use. Lady boss sangat ghase. 

It has a very creamy texture; feels almost like a mousse consistency. It claims to provide medium coverage and I find it to be quite buildable towards full coverage. They have 12 shades to choose from and I use the shade Golden Beige and I'm Mac NC30 equivalent.


Now, now. Let's see how it applies on my skin.

If this is your first time to encounter the horrifying close up of my bare face, please know that I have an acne prone skin with a lot of redness and scarring. I also have a very oily complexion and any foundation tends to break around the sides of my nose within 4 hours after I applied and set it.

Okay, ready?


For this review, I'm applying one layer first to the left side of the face.

With one layer, it does a great job in covering my acne scars and redness around my face. You may not notice this due to lighting but the since acne scars are dark, they still peek through a little bit. Usually I don't really mind that. I just pretend I have freckles on my cheeks. Eeee tomeynya haha. 

But this time, I applied a second layer on the problematic area just to show how it builds up.

This foundation sets so quick, within 30 seconds so as I was taking pics of the first layer on my face, it has already set completely. And when I went in for second layer, holy moly Tony Moly, it went on so patchy and difficult to blend. Just imagine putting a creamy foundation on top of powder. Ughh. But I managed to make it work. So just remember, you have to work quickly with this foundation especially if you want to build it up.

Here is how it looks full face on. You can see that it does not look flat matte but not dewy looking as well. Just a perfect satin finish. I did not set the face with powder which I rarely do. But since this foundation sets and sits nicely on the skin, I thought I'd skip powder.

Completed makeup look:

I usually check on my foundation after 4 hours cause that's when the sebum (oil) on my face turns rouge. My face will be drenched with oil. Nyampah *tumbuk bahu* 

But with this foundation....

Pretty great right? I mean, my nose does look oily and a bit shiny on my forehead but not as greasy looking as usual. Come on, this is way better than the previous foundation that I reviewed. The foundation looks a bit cakey around my nose but believe me, I'm thankful that it looks at least like that with my oily complexion. I think the best time for a foundation to look on the face is when it is mixed with natural sebum of the skin. Omputih kata, apa tu..break oil? Haaa kau. Pecah minyak katanya. 

After 6 hours:

The foundation went on for 6 hours on my face without blotting and that's about the maximum wear time that I got with this foundation for my oily skin. After 6 hours, it starts to break on my smile lines and the usual spots around my nose. But 6 hours is an achievement considering I didn't even set it with powder.

So to sum up on how the foundation fares on me:



After 4 hours
Woooo I looked like I had helium balloons for lunch. But I did have lunch so gimme a break please. Hehe. 

After 6 hours

- Medium buildable coverage
-  Creamy and light weight texture
- Mid range price
- Semi matte finish
- Goes on smooth and easy to blend
- Doesn't accentuate lines and dry patches
- Great for oily skin

- Sets too quick
- Gets patchy if blended too late

I don't really have many bad things to say about this foundation. I think it's a versatile foundation that looks great for all skin types. Since it does not cling on dry patches, I think it will look beautiful on people with dry skin as well. Even so, please don't even try to skip your dutiful moisturizing routine. For all my oily squads out there, if you want to give this a try, I've got your back baby. Peace and out.

Hope this review helps.

Till my next review,

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  1. Great review, as usual :) btw, what do you think about estee lauder's double wear? Is it as good and long lasting as most people claims it to be, even on oily skin and humid weather in Malaysia? :)

    1. Hi, thank you for dropping by ^^ I love the double wear for it's coverage but usually with high coverage like that, it tends to cake up on my oily face after 4 hours. Humidity here makes it slip and slide easier. I don't know how they find it to be long lasting but to be honest, there's no foundation that can hold up on my extremely oily face longer than 4 hours. My face just loves repelling foundation off of it. Haha.

    2. EL Double Wear is a really good foundation. Please make sure you moisturize well (preferably using gel moisturizer) to avoid the foundation emphasize dry spot or will be cakey. I recommend using a dense buffing brush to apply for full coverage, or a damp beauty blender for medium coverage.

      I still get oily using Double Wear, but at least the foundation didn't disappear or wear off. After blotting and powdering, you are good to go again.

  2. Great review..tapi nak tanye 1 question, during those 6hours, did u go out or just stay in a room with air-condition ? Sebab i kalau berpanas kat luar..abis lecur jua akhirnya...haha..sobbs..

    1. That is a veryyyy good question! I should have include that in this review. I ada keluar running some errands tapi around 2 hours jek. But xde la pegi bjemur dekat padang sekolah tengah2 matahari merembang kan. After that I went back home but definitely x stay dalam aircond la. Lagipun my face neh oily dia macam kena rasukan ablasa sikit, even dalam aircond pun tetap akan oily jgk cuma lesser. Hehe. I think kalau berpanas dekat luar akan meltdown jugak and require touch up =)

  3. Hai kak aku mau nanya beli foundation ini dimana ya ? Olshopnya apa ya? Makasi��

  4. babe ko mmg win lah!!! detailed giler perghh close up penuh berani dan penuh gaya before tu HAHAHHAA terbaek! n i pon curious ko mmg pakai foundation tu then gi trun bwh makan tgk tv after 4hrs naik blk then check muke g blik i ke? HAHAHHAA pastu baca komen ko ok fine g kedai 2 hrs hahahha mcm2 la beauty junkie ni i really dont get it! weih i selalu smpai umh je terus buang kot makeup rimas oi haha t conteng muke i puhlessss

  5. Babe, kiranya shades 104 ni untuk kulit cerah ke sederhana ke camne eh?

  6. Hihi, May i know where you got this foundation?

  7. Hi dear im using loreal infalliable stay fresh in shade of 140 golden beige. Is this pro matte 104 golden beige same shade as stay fresh?