Review & Swatches : Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks

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Liquid lipsticks are all the rave these days and almost every makeup brand has came out with their own version of liquid lipsticks. Okay apsal kata2 intro macam essay ni. Heee~

 I know for a fact that every makeup junkie has started collecting liquid lipsticks since last year and probably dah melimpah ruah collection mereka. But that ain't me bebeh. Well at least not yet. While everyone is going cray cray trying out every liquid lipstick there is, I'm that lonely weirdo peeking out behind a tree watching everything silently and creepily. That's cause I've been reading and watching tons of mixed reviews and to be honest I'm easily swayed macam lalang. Oh best? Ok nak la. Alamak ada kata tak best pulak. Ok nanti jap la. Pup pap pup pap nanti jap haaa kau 297 days have passed by. And of course my first liquid lipstick experience ever with Stila liquid lipstick (malas nak cakap read HERE rasa macam Hitler paksa2 orang, so pergilah read THERE sana) has traumatized me a bit. Can't believe that there are people who find it comfortable and claim that it has the best texture -.-"

Then I remembered something that I always tell myself; things that work on others may not work on me and products that work great on me may not work best for others. Okay that's it. I'm doing it. So I took the plunge and placed orders on several liquid lipstick from different brands through couple of IG shops. Most of them are yet to arrived but the one that I anticipated the most has safely arrived in my loving arms; the Ofra Liquid Lipsticks.

I actually ordered 3 shades initially from @cakefaceconfession_ . When it arrived, I picked it up at the post office, ripped the package off in the car and tried it on immediately, loved it, decided I need more, found out that had ready stock of Ofra liquid lipsticks and placed an order on 3 more shades.

And that kids, is how I got my 6 Ofra liquid lipsticks. #truestory

Ofra Liquid Lipstick

Bel Air
St Tropez
Laguna Beach
Miami Fever
Havana Nights

Pre-order at @cakefaceconfession_
Ready stocks at


I don't think I have to tell you this, but I want to anyway cause it's my blog and I'm exercising my right to freedom of speech. 


Okay Nur Fatin, sit down please. And tuck away that banner.

Ofra liquid lipstick has a thick, soft mousse texture with sweet bakery scent and I said thin in comparison with Stila liquid lipstick that has thinner texture. The Ofra liquid lipstick has great color opacity and goes on smooth on the lips on initial application. It dries up matte and feels comfortable on the lips. Now when I say comfortable, I mean that it doesn't feel like it's tugging and hugging your lips tightly, you know what I'm saying? Since it's matte, of course it accentuates the lines on your lips but not in an ugly way. Matte katanya. Kalau tak nak nampak begitu sila cicah mulut dalam lebihan minyak masak goreng ikan pagi semalam. Eh ke semalam makan luar? Haha.

It doesn't feel drying on the lips but not hydrating either, obviously. You don't feel like you have sand papers hanging on your lips. It feels a little bit tacky when you press your lips together but in a completely acceptable level. I heard people saying "oh that's okay, who keeps on pressing their lips together anyway?". Excuse me girl, I do. Especially when I know that I'm wearing a liquid lipstick. I don't know why but I feel like I need to test out the tackiness every 10mins. Tapi takde la sampai tonyoh tenyeh mulut macam kunyah sireh kan.

Another thing that I find with this liquid lipstick is that darker shades like Miami Fever & Havana Nights have a bit heavier and tackier texture when it dries up than lighter shades such as Bel Air & St Tropez.

Ofra liquid lipstick is housed in a light plastic tube with plastic label that has the name of the shade on it. The packaging is not luxurious in the way you'd expect considering the price that you pay. But I can let it slide cause the product itself is awesome and obviously the money goes for the quality inside, not outside. Although, it'd be awesome-r if it comes in a heavy glass bottle embedded with Swarovski crystals and Adele's song starts playing when you twist it open. Woohoooo~

The product does not last that long in my opinion. Did I tell you that it doesn't dry up completely? Dries up matte, yes but not completely. It is not kiss proof so it leaves out stains everywhere, on your glass, on your spoon, on your bowl kalau hirup sup tulang, etc. I waited for hours before I started eating, thinking that it might dry by then but na-ahhh. Since the liquid lipstick transfers, I cannot vouch on how long it wears out throughout the day. Maybe few hours before you eat. Or you can sip your water using straw but holding the straw with your teeth instead.

Now now, let's look at the swatches shall we?
We shall.

 Sorry for the messy swatches. I tried my best. I gambate. Hehe.

 (L-R) : Bel Air, St Tropez, Laguna Beach, Mocha, Miami Fever, Havana Nights

♥ Bel Air 

Bel Air is a peachy brown nude shade. It goes on smooth but I need to go in with 2 layers to get it even. But it is not in any way patchy when layered. I was afraid that it might look too nude on my complexion but I think it looks great when paired with smokey eye look. 

St Tropez 

St Tropez is a light mauve-y pink shade. In the pic is looks almost neon but in person it is actually a bit darker and has more cool mauve-y undertones to it. I purchased this by accident but I ended up lovingggg it.

Laguna Beach 

Laguna Beach is a soft pink color that can easily be an everyday wear color. Cantik cantik. Cantik ke idakkk kengkawan?

♥ Mocha 

Mocha is also one of my favs out of the bunch. It is a mauve brown color with cool undertones. Again, sorry for the light wash off but it looks a bit darker and cooler than shown in the pic. 

Miami Fever 

Miami Fever is the shade created by the cutest and funniest Youtuber; Kathleen Lights, in collaboration with Ofra cosmetics. It is a beautiful burnt orange with red undertone shade. This one feels a bit heavy and tacky on my lips but still comfortable nevertheless.

Havana Nights 

Another shade created by Kathleen Lights. Havana Nights is a dark blood red with cool undertone. Loveeee this one too.

- Comfortable
- Does not dry up the lips
- Not patchy
- Smells good, teehee
- Wear off beautifully
- Beautiful range of shades available

- Does not set completely
- Leaves out a stain

You want to try out a liquid lipstick that doesn't feel like it is ripping out your lips? Yes buy this. You have OCD and will turn into mad bull when you see all the stains left behind? Go see a doctor. Haha.

I love the formula Ofra liquid lipsticks. Dry is the most popular word associated to liquid lipstick but thankfully not this one. The only thing that drives me mad is when I see a stain on my glass cause I kinda expect it to be stain proof. It'd be purrrrfect if it is. But it is still so worth it and I highly recommend you try it, at least try one shade and be the judge of your own. Believe me sista and broda. I got you on this.

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  1. Have you tried the Elianto liquid lipsticks? They're not too bad you know...

    1. Oh I haven't! But I've seen swatches though. Do they perform well? I mean, not excessively drying and don't peel off?

    2. OMG, completely forgot to reply! Some shades are amazing some are duds. I'd suggest the darker ones. The red one in 06 Wild is my personal fave! They don't crumble of in patches and they do last quite well. Of course they dry your lips out but they don't look it though they just feel it, you know what I mean? :P