Review & Swatches : Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick ♥ Dolce ♥ Patina ♥

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Oh hello there. Excuse me for a min, nak sapu sawang on my blog. So much dusts pilling up since I left it for who knows how long. 

Okay now, I'm back. Sorry for the hiatus. I've been a successful lazy bum as of late.

In this blog post, I'll be reviewing the Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick in the shade Dolce & Patina. It's about damn time if you asked me, since I've these beauties in my possession for quite a time. 

I have read so many good reviews on this liquid lipstick. It is claimed to be comfortable, not drying, doesn't feel anything on the lips, doesn't stain, yada yadaaaaa. Phew. I feel like I have to be mentally ready like I'm about to go against the entire humanity in this world.

Comfortable? Tettt. Not drying? Erkkkk. Doesn't feel anything on the lips? Booo tipu.

I'll be going into depth on each of the color. You may scroll down below to read my thoughts on this liquid lipstick. Just don't scroll too fast please. Uploading these pictures took effort you know. Haha.

♥ Dolce 
Dolce is described as nude cinnamon sheen. It comes off more of dark orange caramel nude with specks of unnoticeable gold glitter. I didn't realized there's glitter in it until I took it off and found the glitter on the cotton pad.

What I love about this liquid lipstick that it is very creamy and super duper opaque. It has one swipe pigmentation and glides on easily without a streak. 

Well, that is certainly the case when you first applied it. I wish that the formulation stays that way and that it won't dried up matte. However, once it sets to be matte, it feels like the liquid lipstick is tugging onto your lips. And it accentuates every lip lines that I didn't even know I have. Mannnn my lips look so wrinkly. 

Even when I thought the liquid lipstick has completely set, it still leaves a stain on my glass when I drink. But that was after 10 minutes of application. I find that the stain is lessen if you wait longer for it to set after application, say 30 minutes. 

And one thing that I hate about this liquid lipstick after it has set is when you press your lips together. It feels kinda sticky. You can definitely tell there is layer of dried up lipstick on your lips.

Love the packaging. Dislike the wand applicator. It's a bit flimsy for my liking. Macam alah alahai sutun nya kau ni.

Wow, that's long. Oh you still here? Haha.

It's my first time ever trying out matte liquid lipsticks and I don't have other brand to compare it to. So tell me, is it suppose to feel that way for all matte liquid lipstick?

The color actually appears darker on the lips, but my bright vanity light washes it off a bit. Or a many. Hiks.

♥ Patina 

Patina is described as dusty rose. It is a very beautiful mauve-y plum with pink undertone. This shade is soooo beautiful. I fell in love with it when I saw Amanda Ensing rocks it in her video (here). 

This shade also has similar traits with Dolce. It's creamy, opaque and smooth when first applied but dried up matte. However, the formula of this is not as bad as Dolce. Granted, it still accentuates fine lines on the lips but not as bad and it feels a lot lighter and comfortable than Dolce. I really loveeee this shade. And thank God it works a lot better.

Again, the swatch shows the closer actual color hue of Patina shade. My light washes off the color of the liquid lipstick on my lips.

- Beautiful range of shades (especially in love with Patina!)
-  Creamy
- Super pigmented
- Easy to apply and glides on smooth

- Too drying
- Accentuates lip lines
- Layering up too much of the liquid lipstick will make it uncomfortable on the lips once it sets
- Feels sticky and dried up
- Stains (e.g your glass) even after it sets
- Flimsy applicator

Like I mentioned, this is my first time wearing a matte liquid lipstick so I don't know if this could be considered as comfortable. But I sure don't feel so. I definitely recommend Patina if you want to pick up Stila liquid lipstick but I won't go for Dolce. It's too drying and the color comes off as dark nude for my skin tone. I would advise you to moisturize your lips before application. And since the liquid lipstick is very opaque, you might want to apply a very thin layer of it.

I don't know how long wearing this liquid lipstick can go, but after eating I notice that the lipstick starts to peel off. And again, it leaves a stain on my glass. So yeah, it lasts all day, if you don't eat anything and sip your drink with straw using your teeth. Don't even think of touching it up after you eat. Just take it all off and re-apply.

Hope this rambling review of mine helps you make up your mind! Hahahaha #dontknowwhyilaugh

Till my next review,

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