2014 FIFA World Cup Theme Makeup Look : This is Brazil~

The time has come. Finally it's here. I've been waiting for this exact moment for God knows how long. Oh the excitement. The sensation. The uproar. 

For finally having the excuse to pop on these bright colorful on my eyes! Yeah baby.

Oh, you didn't actually think I was talking about football didn't you? Nooooo of course not. I'm not a football fan. I don't know which team is the strongest. I don't know all the countries participating. And I don't wanna pretend that I know the player. I've heard names like Christiano Ronaldo, Messi and what not. Christiano Ronaldo I know cause he's on the KFC ads. Others? Let's just say if I bumped into them at Bukit Bintang, I'm just gonna see them as foreigners on vacation. 

There's only one football player that I know and admire. 

Khalid Jamlus.


So, Brazil has the honor of being the host country for this year's World Cup, that much I know. Seeing the green and yellow and blue of the country's flag pretty much everywhere now, just intrigue and inspire me to do this makeup look. Perfect occasion to pop on some yellow and green.

Quick side note, you can use any e/s that your have that similar to the colors that I used. I used several palettes because that's my only resources. 

Step #1:
Prime your eyelids first. Then take Mauve from Lorac Pro palette and swipe in on the crease of your eyelids. Crease atau nama sebenar soket mata.

Step #2:
Use any white or sticky base and put it on the eyelids. I use NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in the color Milk to intensify the e/s colors.

Step #3:
Take Bammi, the yellow e/s from the Ultra Mattes Bright Palette from Sleek cosmetic and pop it on the 2/3 of your eyelids.

Step #4:
Mixing the color Dragon Fly and Cricket from the same palette, put it on the rest of eyelids and blend upwards into the crease.

Step #5:
Take the same jumbo eye pencil just now and line your waterline with it, extending it on the lower lash line as well.

Step #6:
Take the color Chaos from Urban Decay Vice palette or any dark blue e/s and blend it on the lower lash line.

Use White from Lorac Pro palette and pop it in the inner corner of the eye.

Step #7:

For eyeliner, I used Inglot Matte AMC Eyeliner Gel in #83.

Step #8:

Coat on your lashes with your favorite mascara.

Prittttttt *blow whistle*

Final look:

Another thing that makes me excited about World Cup is the Bolario Bear from 7 Eleven. I''ve been collecting stickers from 7E and now I have filled up 2 collector cards. Time to redeem those cute football teddy bears. Come home to mama. *wipe saliva*

May the best team wins!

♥ Eyes ♥
Urban Decay Primer Portion | Sleek Ultra Mattes Bright Palette | Lorac Pro Palette | Urban Decay Vice Palette | Inglot Matte AMC Eyeliner Gel in #83 | Maybelline Rocket Volume Express Mascara | Sephora Outrageous Volume Mascara | NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

♥ Face ♥
Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 310 Warm Golden mixed with Benefit Hello Flawless in Beige | MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW25 (to cover up blemishes) | MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20 (to highlight under eyes) | MAC Prep & Primer Transparent Finishing Powder (to set the under eyes) | Benefit Hello Flawless Powder in Beige (to set the rest of the face) | Benefit High Beam | Sleek Contour Kit in Medium | the Balm blush in Frat Boy 

♥ Lips ♥
MAC Creme Cup | Lime Crime Babette | NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu

Until my next pictorial,
Atin that screams goal to every scoring team

Review : Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl (Sweet Escape, Gypsy & Boom Boom)

You might already know this but if you haven't, Marc Jacobs cosmetics has made their way to Sephora in Malaysia. 
*blows party horn for 5 irritating seconds*

And boy, did I sprint my way to Sephora without looking back. Usain Bolt could have cried seeing my speed that day. It's the makeup addiction you know, it just strikes even when you have no idea what you're gonna get. Buy first, think later.

So anyway, when I got to Sephora, the first thing that caught my dilating eyes and my drooling mouth on the Marc Jacobs beauty section was the Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl, or better known as lipgloss. Geez Marc, can't you just call it that? 

Well coincidentally, I was in dire need of a nude and orange lipgloss. Hashtag justbecause.
They came out with an array of 12 color lipgloss of 6 full & 6 sheer coverage formula and they retail for RM89 each.

 I swatched each of them on the back of my hand. It's a normal occurrence people, every time I walk out of Sephora or Watson my hands are always full with lipstick swatches that I look like I just got beat up with leather whip. I sound like a sacrificial lamb.

 I picked up two colors, Sweet Escape (sheer) & Gypsy (full). But today, I'm adding another lip lacquer in the review bucket, which is Boom Boom (full). It's the one that I won from the Marc Jacobs beauty contest. (Read it HERE).

I swear by now I could here someone screaming from the other side of the laptop "GET TO THE DAMN REVIEW ALREADY". Fine fine. Tak beriman ke yang tak sabar-sabar ni? Haha.

L-R : Sweet Escape, Gypsy, Boom Boom

These two I bought. Another one I got.
#thatrhymes #immagenius

Quick side note, Sheer coverage lipgloss comes with silver logo tube and oval paddle applicator whereas the Full coverage one comes in a black logo tube with pointed doe foot applicator.
Or you know, you can just read it on the shelf, no biggies. No need to take note.

So on to the lip swatches now shall we?

Sweet Escape  ~ 

Sweet Escape is described as shimmering nude pink. It is nude soft pink with silver shimmer that is not too noticeable on the lips. I loveeee this color. It's the perfect nude that doesn't wash you out and it has the right amount of pink. I don't find this to be too sheer as it covers my lip colors entirely. I think Sweet Escape is the most opaque comparing other lipgloss in the sheer coverage line. Semi-opaque, you could say.

It applies easily and I do need to dip into the tube twice to get an even application. However it doesn't take long before it settles into my lip lines. I think it will perform better on top of lipstick. It does leave slight tingling and minty flavor on the lip. And the smell, oh the smell. The sweetest smelling lipgloss I have ever encountered. Sweeter than NYX butter gloss. It takes everything in me to hold my self from putting it on my wrist and rub it together.


Application : 4.5/5
.Smooth, easy and build-able application. What more can u ask for?

Pigmentation : 4.5/5
I think the pigmentation is great considering that it has a sheer formulation. Definitely an A ranking lipgloss officer in the sheer squad, if there is one.

Texture : 4/5
It does not feel sticky on the lips but it does settle into the lines. 

Longevity : 3/5
It settles into the lip lines almost seconds after application. It lasts me only 2 hours when is worn alone. But put it on top of other lipstick, baby you and me together we rule the world.

Gypsy  ~ 

Gypsy is described as soft burnt orange. To me, soft is an understatement. It really is a rich and deep tangerine color. If you lose me in the mall, it's easier to find me through this lipgloss color than the color of my clothes. It's really bright and vibrant and not to forget, in your face orange color. Natural or soft smokey eyes  complement this lip color very well.

It has amazing full coverage pigmentation. It feels and looks like liquid lipstick. Unless your lips had just been stung by a bee, one swipe is enough to cover the whole lips. It has beautiful sheen and a strong minty scent/flavor that is supposed to give you a plumping effect. Well I don't know how much plumping effect it has as I don't recall looking like a lip botox went wrong with this lipgloss. But I love the refreshing minty feels on the lips. I feel like I just gargled 18 times with my mouthwash and I can confidently greet everyone with haaaaaaa..aiiiii~

Boom Boom  ~ 

Boom Boom is simply described as hot pink. It's a deep fuschia color with purple undertones. It gives beautiful sheen on the lips and has an opacity of a liquid lipstick. It has the same plumping formula with Gypsy and gives a strong peppermint scent and flavor.


Application : 4.5/5
.Smooth and easy, but since it is very pigmented, it is obvious if you miss a tiniest spot.

Pigmentation : 5/5
It has a pigmentation of a liquid lipstick.

Texture : 4./5
It does not feel sticky on the lips and it gives a refreshing peppermint feels which I lurveeeee.

Longevity : 4.5/5
It lasts on me for about 4 hours before I notice some fading.

All in all, I really love the Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl. For RM89 a pop, I think it really delivers luxurious quality of a lipgloss. I wouldn't say that it's worth it to spend RM89 for this but I don't feel like banging my head on the wall crying what the hell was I thinking when I  bought these damn I got leg cramps from the sprinting. It's a high quality lipgloss and hello, it's Marc Jacobs. The brand name itself cost half the price of the lipgloss. Haha.
I may try other colors from the full coverage formula but as for the sheer formula, I think Sweet Escape is the best.

Till my next sprint to Sephora,
Atin Bolt

#LeaveYourMarc : Marc Jacobs Beauty Contest

So, Marc Jacobs Beauty line has finally made it's way to Sephora Malaysia. The official launching was on 17th of April 2014, which had made me scream "Syaitoooonnnnnnn" because I just had vowed to myself not to splurge in makeup a day before. 

Anyways, I guess to commemorate the awesomeness of having Marc Jacobs cosmetics in Sephora, SephoraMY has teamed up with SephoraSG and came out with the #leaveyourmac beauty contest. All you gotta do is snap a picture of you marking things or places with your lipstick in the most creative and distinctively unique way. All pictures must be uploaded to instagram and tagged with #leaveyourmarc and #sephorasg. 5 winners are entitled to Marc Jacobs beauty set worth RM572/S$243!

Normally, I don't get really worked up with this kinda contest. Or ANY kinda contest for that matter. I'm more of a oh-look-that-person-wins-ok-claps-claps kinda person. Especially to compete for only 1 winning spot. I rather sit tight and lay back eating popcorn and wait for the winner. Haha. 

BUT, since they wanted to pick top 5 winners and reward them with a handsome RM572 beauty set, I just had to sit my bones straight and told them "Okay bones, get yourself off of the couch and ditch the popcorn and let's do our best to win this. The popcorn can wait. Simpan dalam tupperware."

And off I went, kissing here and there till my lips were sore like I just had botox injection.

And guess who was among the luckiest top 5 winner?

Yeah baby. You are looking at her blog right now.
*put on shiny sunglasses*


It took them almost a month to announce the winners. 
No, I did not check on neither SephoraMY's instagram nor facebook everyday.
No, I did not refresh the #leaveyourmarc tag every 5minutes. 
I didn't do it, RAJU. Girl I don't know what you're saying *walks away*

So here is my lucky picture that got picked as the winner:

Caption :
You are what you eat #leaveyourmarc 

Kekwat tak caption? Took this early in the morning and I flipped the bread and put it back in the plastic for my brother's breakfast. He must have been feeling fabulous terjuih-juih mulut that day.

I went to Sephora in Starhill Gallery Bukit Bintang to claim my prize. Just look at these beautiesssssss:

Genius Gel Supercharged Foundation in Ivory Medium - RM189
Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl in Boom Boom - RM89
Enamored Nail Glaze in Funny Girl Natural - RM73
Style Eye-Con No. 7 Plush Shadow in The Lolita - RM207

Paper Bag - RM14.....? *krik krik*

I'm super duper excited to play around with these babies. Especially the palette and lipgloss. Amboi plain nya panggil palette dengan lipgloss jek. Haha. 

Review and swatches coming up. Be on the lookout!

Follow me on instagram (@nurfatinzakki) if you want to check out other pictures that I submitted for this contest. Some ladder and CCTV were involved. In case you need some entertainment while munching on your popcorn. Hikhik.


Tutorial #8 : Emerald Green Hutan Hujan Khatulistiwa

*nalaaaa punya besaq gedegang gambaq*

I have always wanted to try out a green smokey eyes using only matte eyeshadows. I feel like this look is very forest-y as it revolves around green with some warm and dark brown colors. Forest-y, mampu?

It's more to an evening and night time look but heck, if you wanna wear it on daytime during your car service appointment or sewaktu sesi mesyuarat JKKKK..KKKK...KKKK kampung pisang, ain't nobody stopping you gewrl~  Rock it like you own it.

Step #1:
Prime your eyelids using eye primer of your choice. I used MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre to prevent my e/s from creasing and to even out my eyelids.

Step #2:
Using a matte warm brown color, swipe it on the crease of the eyes and blend it upwards. Here I used my HG transition color, Creme Brulee by Makeup Geek.

Step #3:
Now use Makeup Geek's e/s in Cocoa Bear to darken up the crease.

Step #4:
Use any sticky base and put it all over the eyelid. This is to ensure the green e/s that we use next is going to pop. I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. I also put the base on the inner corner of the eye.

Step #5:
Now for the star of the show. I used here the color Fern from Sleek Ultra Mattes Dark Palette and put it all over the lid. Then take White e/s from Lorac Pro Palette and highlight the inner corner.

Step #6:
Take dark brown of your choice and darken up the outer V of the eyelid. I used Espresso from the Lorac Pro Palette.

Step #7:
Take a green eyeliner and pop it on the lash line. Then use mix Fern and Espresso and smoke it out on the lower lash line.

Step #8:
Wing out your eyeliner, put on your mascara and falsies and off you go to mesyuarat tingkap.

It always looks better when you finish off with eye liner and mascara isn't it?

Final Look :

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Hope you enjoy this pictorial ladies!

Till my next pictorial,
Atin let it go let it go

♥ Eyes ♥
MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre | Sleek Ultra Mattes Dark Palette | Lorac Pro Palette | Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner | Maybelline Rocket Volume Express Mascara | Sephora Green Eyeliner

♥ Face ♥
Loreal True Match in N3 and N7 | MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW25 (to cover up blemishes) | NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Medium 1 Custard | MAC Prep & Primer Transparent Finishing Powder (to set the under eyes) | Benefit Hello Flawless Powder in Beige (to set the rest of the face) | Benefit Hoola Bronzer | NYX blush in Mocha

♥ Lips ♥
NYX Pumpkin Pie | NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu

Review : ZOEVA Classic Face Set

Hey beauties~

Try reading that with deep cheesy man voice. Like, heyyy beauties *wink*.
Memang nak kena sepak.

To commemorate the Labor Day last month, I have decided to reward myself with some awesome gifts from Luxola. Came to the office 10mins late and make it up by leaving 10mins later than the working hours time. Ganti balik kelewatan. What an exemplary employee. I deserve gifts.

So Luxola, being an awesome possum online beauty website, was having 30% off for Labor Day. So I bought 2 ZOEVA brushes set; Classic Face set & Bamboo set. But today I'm sharing with you the Classic Face set first. Cause or else I have nothing to post anymore. Hehe.

So a little intro, ZOEVA was founded in 2008 by the owner Zoe Boikou in Germany.
Ok habis dah intro.

The Classic Face set comes with 6 high quality face brushes in a black brush clutch.

Black pouch that comes with the set. Artificial flower is available at my mom's living room.

Isn't it sweet that they include the brushes in this zipper clutch? A++ for packaging. 

ZOEVA Classic Face Set retails for EUR 55.00 in their website which equivalent to RM240.55 excluding international shipping fees.

But at Luxola, you can get this for only RM206.50, free shipping some more. Such a steal.

#106 Powder

I think this brush is pretty self-explanatory. It can be used for applying loose or pressed powder. Or you can use it to bronze your face.

You know what is not self-explanatory? The softness of this brush! Well I guess you can tell by the look of it. It's super duper soft  that I almost snored everytime it touches my skin. By far the best powder brush I ever own. It packs on powder so smoothly and so..so...so...ughhh just get this already please?

#102 Silk Finish

This is another one of my favs from the Classic Face set. I always find myself reaching for this one even when it's dirty. It's a rounded top brush that is used for silky smooth application of foundation and mineral makeup. The bristles are soft but dense enough to pack on foundation beautifully and to blend seamlessly without any streaky marks.

The shape reminds me of Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush which I was obsessed with (I do not own it, I just always caressed it whenever I'm in Sephora. Thank you UB for not putting a restraining order against me) but personally I think ZOEVA Silk Finish does the same; if not better job than the UB one. It's cuter and cheaper. Cuter, boleh?

#122 Petit Stippling 

Petit? Petite in Germany?

So yeah, it's a small stippling brush and it can be used for many things. Applying cream blush? Got it. Blending out cream or powder contour? Checked. Highlighting on the cheek bone? Like a dream. Dusting off dirt on your laptop keyboards? Won't miss a spot.

The brush feels sturdy and not as flimsy as most of the normal stippling brush; making it easy to have control when you blend especially on the narrow area like the side of your nose.

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek

This brush is pretty similar to Sigma F40 but it's not as flimsy. For some reason I love this brush more than Sigma F40 to apply blush powder on my cheeks. It distributes and blends powder blush evenly. 

#105 Luxe Highlight

I used this brush mainly to highlight on the cheek bones. I heard it's great for contouring too but I haven't tried to use it for that yet. I did, however try to set my under eyes with powder using this brush and it did not work that great for that purpose. But it's great for highlighting as the tapered bristles give precise application on the highest point of the cheeks as well as down the bridge of the nose. 

#142 Concealer Buffer

Oh it buffs concealer alright. I love how it packs on and buff out concealer on my acne seamlessly. You just need to dip a tiny concealer on the rounded tip of the brush and it covers my acne scar impeccably. Berus ini bagaikan meluncur laju terkibas-kibas kain bila di atas muka. Of course credit goes to the awesome concealer but using this brush makes the application much smoother. You can use it to apply cream contour on the side of your nose as well as liquid highlight on the bridge of the nose. Sometimes I did my brows first before applying foundation. And this brush is in perfect size to blend the foundation in between the brows and around them. You can use it to apply eye primer like MAC's Paint Pot too.
All around a great multitask brush.

So all in all, I highly recommend ZOEVA Classic Face Set. I have owned several individual brushes from this brand and I'm loving all of them. And the price is cheaper than Sigma. Yeah you read that right. CHEPA. Seriously for the quality of the brushes, that could have boosted up the price more. But we love them for not doing so don't we? Hehe.

Get yourself this awesome brush set now here. All the brushes in the set are sold individually as well except for 122 Petit Stippling and 105 Luxe Highlight.

Till my next review,