Review : Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl (Sweet Escape, Gypsy & Boom Boom)

You might already know this but if you haven't, Marc Jacobs cosmetics has made their way to Sephora in Malaysia. 
*blows party horn for 5 irritating seconds*

And boy, did I sprint my way to Sephora without looking back. Usain Bolt could have cried seeing my speed that day. It's the makeup addiction you know, it just strikes even when you have no idea what you're gonna get. Buy first, think later.

So anyway, when I got to Sephora, the first thing that caught my dilating eyes and my drooling mouth on the Marc Jacobs beauty section was the Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl, or better known as lipgloss. Geez Marc, can't you just call it that? 

Well coincidentally, I was in dire need of a nude and orange lipgloss. Hashtag justbecause.
They came out with an array of 12 color lipgloss of 6 full & 6 sheer coverage formula and they retail for RM89 each.

 I swatched each of them on the back of my hand. It's a normal occurrence people, every time I walk out of Sephora or Watson my hands are always full with lipstick swatches that I look like I just got beat up with leather whip. I sound like a sacrificial lamb.

 I picked up two colors, Sweet Escape (sheer) & Gypsy (full). But today, I'm adding another lip lacquer in the review bucket, which is Boom Boom (full). It's the one that I won from the Marc Jacobs beauty contest. (Read it HERE).

I swear by now I could here someone screaming from the other side of the laptop "GET TO THE DAMN REVIEW ALREADY". Fine fine. Tak beriman ke yang tak sabar-sabar ni? Haha.

L-R : Sweet Escape, Gypsy, Boom Boom

These two I bought. Another one I got.
#thatrhymes #immagenius

Quick side note, Sheer coverage lipgloss comes with silver logo tube and oval paddle applicator whereas the Full coverage one comes in a black logo tube with pointed doe foot applicator.
Or you know, you can just read it on the shelf, no biggies. No need to take note.

So on to the lip swatches now shall we?

Sweet Escape  ~ 

Sweet Escape is described as shimmering nude pink. It is nude soft pink with silver shimmer that is not too noticeable on the lips. I loveeee this color. It's the perfect nude that doesn't wash you out and it has the right amount of pink. I don't find this to be too sheer as it covers my lip colors entirely. I think Sweet Escape is the most opaque comparing other lipgloss in the sheer coverage line. Semi-opaque, you could say.

It applies easily and I do need to dip into the tube twice to get an even application. However it doesn't take long before it settles into my lip lines. I think it will perform better on top of lipstick. It does leave slight tingling and minty flavor on the lip. And the smell, oh the smell. The sweetest smelling lipgloss I have ever encountered. Sweeter than NYX butter gloss. It takes everything in me to hold my self from putting it on my wrist and rub it together.


Application : 4.5/5
.Smooth, easy and build-able application. What more can u ask for?

Pigmentation : 4.5/5
I think the pigmentation is great considering that it has a sheer formulation. Definitely an A ranking lipgloss officer in the sheer squad, if there is one.

Texture : 4/5
It does not feel sticky on the lips but it does settle into the lines. 

Longevity : 3/5
It settles into the lip lines almost seconds after application. It lasts me only 2 hours when is worn alone. But put it on top of other lipstick, baby you and me together we rule the world.

Gypsy  ~ 

Gypsy is described as soft burnt orange. To me, soft is an understatement. It really is a rich and deep tangerine color. If you lose me in the mall, it's easier to find me through this lipgloss color than the color of my clothes. It's really bright and vibrant and not to forget, in your face orange color. Natural or soft smokey eyes  complement this lip color very well.

It has amazing full coverage pigmentation. It feels and looks like liquid lipstick. Unless your lips had just been stung by a bee, one swipe is enough to cover the whole lips. It has beautiful sheen and a strong minty scent/flavor that is supposed to give you a plumping effect. Well I don't know how much plumping effect it has as I don't recall looking like a lip botox went wrong with this lipgloss. But I love the refreshing minty feels on the lips. I feel like I just gargled 18 times with my mouthwash and I can confidently greet everyone with haaaaaaa..aiiiii~

Boom Boom  ~ 

Boom Boom is simply described as hot pink. It's a deep fuschia color with purple undertones. It gives beautiful sheen on the lips and has an opacity of a liquid lipstick. It has the same plumping formula with Gypsy and gives a strong peppermint scent and flavor.


Application : 4.5/5
.Smooth and easy, but since it is very pigmented, it is obvious if you miss a tiniest spot.

Pigmentation : 5/5
It has a pigmentation of a liquid lipstick.

Texture : 4./5
It does not feel sticky on the lips and it gives a refreshing peppermint feels which I lurveeeee.

Longevity : 4.5/5
It lasts on me for about 4 hours before I notice some fading.

All in all, I really love the Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl. For RM89 a pop, I think it really delivers luxurious quality of a lipgloss. I wouldn't say that it's worth it to spend RM89 for this but I don't feel like banging my head on the wall crying what the hell was I thinking when I  bought these damn I got leg cramps from the sprinting. It's a high quality lipgloss and hello, it's Marc Jacobs. The brand name itself cost half the price of the lipgloss. Haha.
I may try other colors from the full coverage formula but as for the sheer formula, I think Sweet Escape is the best.

Till my next sprint to Sephora,
Atin Bolt

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