Review : ZOEVA Classic Face Set

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Memang nak kena sepak.

To commemorate the Labor Day last month, I have decided to reward myself with some awesome gifts from Luxola. Came to the office 10mins late and make it up by leaving 10mins later than the working hours time. Ganti balik kelewatan. What an exemplary employee. I deserve gifts.

So Luxola, being an awesome possum online beauty website, was having 30% off for Labor Day. So I bought 2 ZOEVA brushes set; Classic Face set & Bamboo set. But today I'm sharing with you the Classic Face set first. Cause or else I have nothing to post anymore. Hehe.

So a little intro, ZOEVA was founded in 2008 by the owner Zoe Boikou in Germany.
Ok habis dah intro.

The Classic Face set comes with 6 high quality face brushes in a black brush clutch.

Black pouch that comes with the set. Artificial flower is available at my mom's living room.

Isn't it sweet that they include the brushes in this zipper clutch? A++ for packaging. 

ZOEVA Classic Face Set retails for EUR 55.00 in their website which equivalent to RM240.55 excluding international shipping fees.

But at Luxola, you can get this for only RM206.50, free shipping some more. Such a steal.

#106 Powder

I think this brush is pretty self-explanatory. It can be used for applying loose or pressed powder. Or you can use it to bronze your face.

You know what is not self-explanatory? The softness of this brush! Well I guess you can tell by the look of it. It's super duper soft  that I almost snored everytime it touches my skin. By far the best powder brush I ever own. It packs on powder so smoothly and just get this already please?

#102 Silk Finish

This is another one of my favs from the Classic Face set. I always find myself reaching for this one even when it's dirty. It's a rounded top brush that is used for silky smooth application of foundation and mineral makeup. The bristles are soft but dense enough to pack on foundation beautifully and to blend seamlessly without any streaky marks.

The shape reminds me of Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush which I was obsessed with (I do not own it, I just always caressed it whenever I'm in Sephora. Thank you UB for not putting a restraining order against me) but personally I think ZOEVA Silk Finish does the same; if not better job than the UB one. It's cuter and cheaper. Cuter, boleh?

#122 Petit Stippling 

Petit? Petite in Germany?

So yeah, it's a small stippling brush and it can be used for many things. Applying cream blush? Got it. Blending out cream or powder contour? Checked. Highlighting on the cheek bone? Like a dream. Dusting off dirt on your laptop keyboards? Won't miss a spot.

The brush feels sturdy and not as flimsy as most of the normal stippling brush; making it easy to have control when you blend especially on the narrow area like the side of your nose.

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek

This brush is pretty similar to Sigma F40 but it's not as flimsy. For some reason I love this brush more than Sigma F40 to apply blush powder on my cheeks. It distributes and blends powder blush evenly. 

#105 Luxe Highlight

I used this brush mainly to highlight on the cheek bones. I heard it's great for contouring too but I haven't tried to use it for that yet. I did, however try to set my under eyes with powder using this brush and it did not work that great for that purpose. But it's great for highlighting as the tapered bristles give precise application on the highest point of the cheeks as well as down the bridge of the nose. 

#142 Concealer Buffer

Oh it buffs concealer alright. I love how it packs on and buff out concealer on my acne seamlessly. You just need to dip a tiny concealer on the rounded tip of the brush and it covers my acne scar impeccably. Berus ini bagaikan meluncur laju terkibas-kibas kain bila di atas muka. Of course credit goes to the awesome concealer but using this brush makes the application much smoother. You can use it to apply cream contour on the side of your nose as well as liquid highlight on the bridge of the nose. Sometimes I did my brows first before applying foundation. And this brush is in perfect size to blend the foundation in between the brows and around them. You can use it to apply eye primer like MAC's Paint Pot too.
All around a great multitask brush.

So all in all, I highly recommend ZOEVA Classic Face Set. I have owned several individual brushes from this brand and I'm loving all of them. And the price is cheaper than Sigma. Yeah you read that right. CHEPA. Seriously for the quality of the brushes, that could have boosted up the price more. But we love them for not doing so don't we? Hehe.

Get yourself this awesome brush set now here. All the brushes in the set are sold individually as well except for 122 Petit Stippling and 105 Luxe Highlight.

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  1. As-Salam Cik/Puan Nurfatinzakki, I hope you are doing fine. Your blog is so comelllll! Tak habis habis saya senyum sorang sorang membacanya :) Thank you for this cute great review!

  2. Wsalam. Oh my thank youuu for reading my post yang membebel mengarut. Haha appreciate it a lot. Thanksss! ^^