#LeaveYourMarc : Marc Jacobs Beauty Contest

So, Marc Jacobs Beauty line has finally made it's way to Sephora Malaysia. The official launching was on 17th of April 2014, which had made me scream "Syaitoooonnnnnnn" because I just had vowed to myself not to splurge in makeup a day before. 

Anyways, I guess to commemorate the awesomeness of having Marc Jacobs cosmetics in Sephora, SephoraMY has teamed up with SephoraSG and came out with the #leaveyourmac beauty contest. All you gotta do is snap a picture of you marking things or places with your lipstick in the most creative and distinctively unique way. All pictures must be uploaded to instagram and tagged with #leaveyourmarc and #sephorasg. 5 winners are entitled to Marc Jacobs beauty set worth RM572/S$243!

Normally, I don't get really worked up with this kinda contest. Or ANY kinda contest for that matter. I'm more of a oh-look-that-person-wins-ok-claps-claps kinda person. Especially to compete for only 1 winning spot. I rather sit tight and lay back eating popcorn and wait for the winner. Haha. 

BUT, since they wanted to pick top 5 winners and reward them with a handsome RM572 beauty set, I just had to sit my bones straight and told them "Okay bones, get yourself off of the couch and ditch the popcorn and let's do our best to win this. The popcorn can wait. Simpan dalam tupperware."

And off I went, kissing here and there till my lips were sore like I just had botox injection.

And guess who was among the luckiest top 5 winner?

Yeah baby. You are looking at her blog right now.
*put on shiny sunglasses*


It took them almost a month to announce the winners. 
No, I did not check on neither SephoraMY's instagram nor facebook everyday.
No, I did not refresh the #leaveyourmarc tag every 5minutes. 
I didn't do it, RAJU. Girl I don't know what you're saying *walks away*

So here is my lucky picture that got picked as the winner:

Caption :
You are what you eat #leaveyourmarc 

Kekwat tak caption? Took this early in the morning and I flipped the bread and put it back in the plastic for my brother's breakfast. He must have been feeling fabulous terjuih-juih mulut that day.

I went to Sephora in Starhill Gallery Bukit Bintang to claim my prize. Just look at these beautiesssssss:

Genius Gel Supercharged Foundation in Ivory Medium - RM189
Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl in Boom Boom - RM89
Enamored Nail Glaze in Funny Girl Natural - RM73
Style Eye-Con No. 7 Plush Shadow in The Lolita - RM207

Paper Bag - RM14.....? *krik krik*

I'm super duper excited to play around with these babies. Especially the palette and lipgloss. Amboi plain nya panggil palette dengan lipgloss jek. Haha. 

Review and swatches coming up. Be on the lookout!

Follow me on instagram (@nurfatinzakki) if you want to check out other pictures that I submitted for this contest. Some ladder and CCTV were involved. In case you need some entertainment while munching on your popcorn. Hikhik.


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