Review : Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Hey you you. Hai awak awak.

I've had this foundation since the first week it was launched in Sephora Malaysia. That was about a month ago. And that was how long this blog post was kept in draft. *blows dust*

So here goes, my review on the new Too Faced Born This Way foundation. Let me tell y'all how I came about to buy this foundation.

Well the obvious reason is definitely due to the gulping and wiping drools out of my mouth when I saw everyyyy beauty Youtuber was using this foundation. It looked amazing when applied and the reviews were explosively positive. And then, this foundation arrived at Sephora here. I was excited but still going back and forth whether or not I wanted to purchase it. Few days after that, I thought I better check it out first, you know, just to see the texture and what not. So I went to the nearest Sephora but I couldn't find any of it. I asked the BA there and she said, "Sorry miss, the foundation has already sold out."

I looked at her with what might look like a gentlest look but in my mind I already grabbed her by her collar.


I couldn't remember much what happened after that but I'm pretty sure I was carried out from there in a stroller with someone on top doing CPR.

You know when you hesitate whether or not you want to buy something, but then you find out it has been sold out, you heart breaks into pieces and you run out, get down on your knee, screaming NOOOO while looking up to the cruel sky? You realize that you actually wanted it all along? Yeah I feel ya, I feel ya.

So I called another 2 Sephora and they dropped me with the very same nightmare news. Sold. Out. Where have you ever heard a foundation sells out within few days? Where? Did they just bring in 2 bottles of it or what? I was calling Sephora here and there frantically, like I forgot that I left my kids there and realized it few days after. Haha. No, I'm not that terrible. I love my kids. Oh, wait. What kids? I'm not even married yet. Krik krik krik.

Anyway, luck was on my side as Sephora KLCC still got the foundation but they were running low. I put my Usain Bolt cap and sprinted to KLCC  to get mine. And I got it finally! Such drama for a foundation. Kalah Syurga Nur.

Too Faced Born This Way foundation retails for RM135 and comes with 8 different shades (it was 8 on the shelf at the time but I will check back and update). I got mine on Light Beige. I could have worn Natural Beige, a shade darker. But whatever. Acah2 Qu Puteh jap. I think the price point is not too bad, comparing to other foundation like Nars, Mac, etc. The foundation is housed in a frosty glass bottle with gold detailing and it comes with a pump. TGI a pumped bottle. The foundation claims to be an oil-free foundation that masterfully diffuses the line between makeup and skin, giving you a natural looking, luminous and flawless complexion. It's also infused with:

Coconut Water
to delicately replenish skin's moisture levels

Alpine Rose
to brighten skin's appearance and promote elasticity

Hyaluronic Acid
for a smoother, more youthful appearance

Now, now. Enough with the written thesis. Let's see how it performs on my skin.

I have a very problematic skin; acne prone with red and dark scarring. Yeah, I'm one of those women who would likely to be sued after my husband sees me without makeup.

Tadaaaa~ My bare skin. Aloo tembam tembum guci guciii.

After one layer of the foundation on the right side:

Can you tell, can you tell? Uuu uuu can you tell?

If the right side doesn't look a bit better than the other side, I wouldn't have known which side I put on the foundation. As you can see, the foundation evens up my skin and covers up most of the scarring, except for that dark stubborn one. The coverage is definitely buildable but what amazes me is how natural it looks. I'd be lying if I said it almost looked like I have no foundation on. But it's the most natural looking foundation I've ever put on.

Full face foundation:

A little of this foundation does go a long way. I usually used 2 pumps for my whole face but I still have plenty left with this foundation so I use it to build up the area the needs more coverage.

Completed makeup look:

After 4++ hours:

Usually at this rate, my face would be drenched with oil. Like I just tripped into a pool of cooking oil. But with this foundation, my face looks more like it gleams. Acah2 mekap Korea. I could never pull off the dewy look. But this one, I'm digging it gewrrrll~ Aummm~

I did touch up my face but I did not powder or use a bloating paper. I just tap on my T-zone with a dry sponge to wipe off the excess oil.

6++ hours after that:

I loveee this foundation. It has medium buildable coverage. It is buildable but it doesn't build up to fullest coverage that I want. You can still see that  the dark scar spot on my cheek is still peeking through even after I layer the foundation up. The texture is a bit runny but it is not thin. Honestly I did not like how it felt when I first applied it on the face. I feel like the foundation sets quickly but when I touched it, it actually hasn't set. Weird. I'm weird I guess. It has satin finish and you do need to set it with powder, otherwise it will move. At least on me. I love it after it has blended with my skin. Orang kata bila dah pecah minyak. Hiks. Ingat muka aku sambal ikan bilis ke hape. It ticks all the claim boxes for giving natural looking, luminous and flawless complexion.

The other thing that I notice with this foundation is that it does not look cakey at all. And most importantly, it does not settle into the lines on my face. I'm talking bout that nasty lines on my forehead and around the mouth when I smile. I often get line mark there cause I smile a lot. Like merenyeh kinda smile. Like a smile with serious eye gaze.

The only downside that I found is that this foundation clings to dry patch. I have few dry patches around my acne scars and this foundation holds to every one of it despite claiming to have coconut water that's supposedly will enhance the moisture level of the skin. So, moisturize before you use it. And powder. Yes powder your face. I'm talking to you oily gals out there. Yes you. Of course I'm talking to you. *pointing finger at the mirror*

- Has a pump *wink wink*
- Gives the most natural looking finish
- Medium coverage
- Lightweight
- Pigmented; a little goes a long way
- Doesn't look cakey
- Doesn't settle into lines

- Clings to dry patch
- Luminous effect (it's a turn off if you are into matte finish)

I love it. I recommend it. Go buy it now.

I hope this review is helpful to make you have RM135 less in your purse.


Till my next review,

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  1. I have the same experience with the NYX SMLCs... But unlike you, I was downright bitchy to the poor beauty assistant girl... Dah lah setiap kali masuk Sephora I get stared at like I am going to steal something...

    BA: Yes sir, can I help you.
    Me: No you can't. As usual, the bloody SMLCs are sold out! *rolls eyes and looks distressed*

  2. Hahaha. I can't get any NYX in Sephora. They were always, i mean ALWAYS gone. The NYX section is practically empty, even the testers. Those ruthless beauty addicts. Haha.

  3. love the packaging..rase nak try..tapi bile memikirkan foundation yang ado kat rumah ni tak habis-habis..hua hua hua...u know what i mean kan.... good review fatin!

  4. I feel youuuu! Tapi I rasa I neh foundation junkie sbb asyik beli foundation jek despite berbotol2 lg kt umah. Hehe. Thanks for dropping by! Appreciate that ^^

  5. Thank you for this awesome review haha couldn't stop laughing at your humour at times ~ I wanted to know how would this foundation compare to Estee Lauder Double Wear? In terms of wearing it during the day as Malaysia is damn hot and my skin can start to become quite oily after 4 to 5 hours of makeup T.T The coverage seems amazing but how would you rate it for like everyday wear and the comfort? :)

  6. Hi Atin!
    What's your skin type and did you experience any breakouts after wearing that?

  7. I always love this foundation. I did my makeup classes for beginners London , after that I bought this foundation. Its really good. I got big pores and acne on skin. This hides everything well.