Tutorial #26 : Olive Green Makeup Look ft Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette

Hey hey you you.

I'm back with another look that I created using Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I'm super late to the party but I finally got my hands on the palette and lemme tell ya, I must be outta my mind for picking it up this late. It's sooo beautiful and pigmented and easy to blend. Have I told you about the smell? Oh the smell. I almost throw it on my plate every time I open it. Who can resist the smell of cocoa?

Well anyways, I hope you enjoy this antique olive green makeup pictorial look. Leggo!


Step #1:
After priming the eyelids, use Salted Caramel and swipe it on the crease and blend it upwards and into the inner corner of the eyes. Betapa banyak and daaa...

Step #2:
Dip your blending brush into Semi Sweet and dab it on the outer V of the eyes. Make sure to blend it into the crease as well. Blend blend tonyoh tarik nun diaaaa~

Step #3:
Then, I used Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold as a base for my eyelids for the next eyeshadow to stick to and making it's color pop even more.

Step #4:
Take Gilded Ganache and place it all over the lids where the Bold Gold is placed. Pat pat pat, dab dab dab.

Step #5:
To darken up the look even more, use Triple Fudge and place it on the outer portion of the eyelids. Blend it into the crease all the way to the front corner of the eye.

Step #6:
Lastly, use Gilded Ganache on the lower lashes and smoke it out with the mix of Salted Caramel and Semi Sweet.

I used House of Lashes in the style Iconic to amp up the look. No liner is needed cause these falsies are everythangggg~

Hope this inspires you to create your look using Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette.

Have loads of fun yauwl!

Oh, and Happy Independence Day Malaysia!

Till my next pictorial,

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  1. Your eye makeup is ON POINT! *finger snaps*

    1. Right back at cha boyyyy~ *snaps snaps finger*

      Thanks for dropping by ^^