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If you are here on this page, that pretty much means that you would like to read my thoughts on the gorgeous Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette. You're in luck, cause I'm throwing in swatches of all the eyeshadows on here as well. I'm just gonna save you from the dreadful of listening reading 1001 reasons why I bought this palette. It was love at first sight, I wanted it, I needed it probably, I bought it. It's done kay? Naa aaa aaa syyhh syhhh not a word ok? *I just face palm-ed you there*

Just one word to describe this palette.







Okay maybe 6 words, but who's counting? Ngehh.

This palette featured 10 eyeshadows with a good mixture of matte, satin & shimmery finish. The color hues are mostly warm toned with an exception of couple cool neutral colors. What caught my eyes first was the beautiful warm cranberry red eyeshadow and its pigmentation does not disappoint me at all. Most of the eyeshadows are so smooth and pigmented, but of course there's always the few that do not perform as well. That's just how life works, yeah?

All eyeshadows are housed in a thick cardboard palette that comes with an insert. 

Isn't she lovely. Isn't she wonderful. Isn't she precioussss.

Now onto the eyeshadows and the swatches.

Bitter Start

The first top row color that you get is this subtle off white color called Bitter Start. It has semi matte finish and comes off a little bit powdery. It's not really pigmented when you first swatch it but it is definitely buildable. I wouldn't say the start is bitter. I would call it, Chin Up Be Confident. Some motivation there, girl. But anyway, I love using this color to set my eye primer and to highlight the brow bone. It'll look beautiful as all over lid color for a simple effortless makeup look.

Sweeter End

Next up we have Sweeter End, a light peachy shimmery color. The texture feels light and soft. It's pretty pigmented but the color does not really pop. I don't fancy this color that much anyway. Sweeter End you say? More like, Know Your Place Please. Haha.

Warm Notes

This color right here is what draws me to this palette in the first place. The warm cranberry red color is spot on beautiful and totally right up my alley. It has shimmery finish with rich buttery high pigmented texture. Sooo gorgeous!

Subtle Blend

Subtle Blend is a warm golden bronze-y color with shimmery satin finish. This color is sooo buttery smooth and pigmented. This will look beautiful to be used for dark smokey bronze look.

Beans are White

Beans are white. Oo..kay?
But this color is a deep cool toned brown with a matte finish. This eyeshadow is the most disappointing one as the color is has the least pigmentation. I built up this swatch with so many layers, I almost could see smokes coming out from my finger. Ishhh spoil betul. As you can see, the color is definitely buildable if you want to darken up your look. But maybe after 18 minutes of layering lah.

Pure Ganache

Pure Ganache is a bright golden coppery color with warm undertone and metallic sheen finish. Another one of my top fav from this palette. I think this color is dupeable for sure but it is still gorgeous nevertheless.

Substitute for Love

Ahhhh. Should I say more? I reallyyyy love it when a palette includes a blending color, especially a warm orange brown like this one. Purrfectttt. It looks almost similar to my all time fav Creme Brulee eyeshadow by Makeup Geek, only a little bit darker and warmer.

Freshly Toasted

A reddish deep brown with warm undertone and matte finish. Another color that I really really appreciate being included in a palette. On top of that, it has great buttery pigmentation and rich in color without being powdery like most matte eyeshadow tends to have. Perfecto!


Infusion is a dark brown coffee color with a hint of gold glitter in it. I was pleasantly surprised with the pigmentation as I did not expect it to be as pigmented as it is. I have encountered many similar concept eyeshadows like this; you know the ones with a sprinkle of glitter or shimmer in it, but most of them is very chalky and needs to be built up. This one however surpasses my expectation. But the glitter looks subtle on the lid so don't expect to have full on disco ball glitter on your eyelids.

Delicate Acidity

The last eyeshadow in this palette is called Delicate Acidity, which is a very beautiful cool toned mauve-y taupe with satin sheen finish. Beautiful isn't? This one has great pigmentation too and packs on really smooth on the lids.

Top Row

Bottom Row

- Consist of variety finish and formulation, from matte to metallic sheen
- Great pigmentation
- Value for money
- Slim and lightweight packaging
- It has transition eyeshadow color (which is a major brownies point for me)
- Color varsity from light to deep, warm to cool tones

- Couple of miss eyeshadows in term of texture and pigmentation

I loveeee this palette so much. Swatches above speak from themselves. It is a great palette to be added to your collection. Although the colors are not unique and are likely to be similar to the ones you probably own, I really think that everyone should have this palette as it consolidates all the eyeshadows that you need; either for simple laid back daily look or intense bronze/golden look. One palette for all katanya kau oi. I highly recommend it. You cannot beat the price for such great quality eyeshadows in the palette.

Okay, I'm out of vocabulary now. Aigibab. Signing out. 

Get the palette HERE for only RM89. Or you can pre-order from CakeFaceConfession here on IG where I got mine.

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