Tutorial #15 : Blue Smoking Gun Makeup Look ft Zoeva Rodeo Belle Palette

Hey hey hey hoo hoo hoo. Random greeting.

Ever since I got my hands on Zoeva palettes, hati resah jiwa gundah seharum asmara mewangi taman syurgawi berlari ke atas bukit jatuh bergolek punya tak sabar nak guna. So I finally popped one open which was the Rodeo Belle palette and I was soooo in love with the colors and pigmentation. I created this look using only this palette (except for my tear duct highlight).

Step #1:
Prime your eyes to prevent the e/s from creasing. I use MAC's Paintpot in Soft Ochre. That's why my eyelid looks so stark white macam baru lepas main cari benang dalam tepung.

Step #2:
Take Rodeo Ready e/s and swipe it on the crease as a transition color. I put only a small amount at first but later on you will see me use it more for blending other e/s.

Step #3:
This and the next step are optional. I'm just utilizing as much products that I have so that I won't feel guilty buying more. Puahaha. Anyways, here I dabbed on Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe as a base for e/s that I will put later on.

Step #4:
As mentioned, this step is also optional. I just want to put some base so that the e/s color will pop even more. Here I just smudged on Zoeva Graphic eyeliner in the shade Blue Lotus on the inner and outer corner of the eyelid. It will look like a mess but fret not, we will blend it in a bit.

Step #5:
Take Day Money from the palette and put it where we put the blue base just now, which is on the inner and outer corner of the eye. Pat gently to prevent fall out.

Step #6:
Use Smoking Gun e/s and pat it on the center of the eyelid where we put the taupe base just now.

Step #7:
Time for blending and clean up. Take a brush, dip it into Rodeo Ready e/s and start swipe and blend it into the crease. Keep on blend blend blend until there's no harsh edges. Then take a cotton bud with makeup remover and clean up the e/s that exceeds the eyelid.

Step #8:
To make the eyelid pop even more, pat some Yee Haw e/s on the center. 

Then use Early Sunrise e/s and highlight the brow bone.

Wing out your eyeliner and apply falsies if you want.

Step #9:
Take the same blue eyeliner just now; the one I used was Blue Lotus by Zoeva and line your water line. And then use Day Money and put it on the outer lower lash line. After that take Yee Haw andre andre yiiibaaa and smudge it on the front lower lash line. Lastly, highlight the tear duct and apply mascara on the lower lashes.

Done! Ding dong deng.

Now off you go riding on your horse and twirling your rope. Yeeehaaaa~

Till my next joyah pictorial,

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