Collective Luxola Haul : Sigma, Zoeva, Lavie Lash

I am truly and genuinely an honest person, in general. But if there is time when you shouldn't trust me, it's when I say "This is the last time I'm buying makeup."

Big fat white lie.
But you makeup junkies out there, y'all fell me right? Y'all can back me up on this right?

My favorite cosmetics online shopping website has to be Luxola. Not only that they offer an array of beauty products, but they also love to spoil us with great deals and discount codes. Like seriously, if you go to Luxola website right now, there will be a discount code on the main page. See what I bought? That was all a collective orders, place with 3 different discount codes within a single week. Yeah baby, I got 3 delicious discount codes and I use them all. I had my reasons, like always. But who gives a damn on why I bought them. Bottom line is, I did and Luxola & I are the perfect epitome of a love-hate relationship. I love them for spoiling their customers with discounts and at the same time I hate that because it will trigger my impulse buying. But once I received the items, I'm like pffffftttt hate them? I wanna marry Luxola! Haha.

So here is what I bought with 35% off (applicable for all products except for Sigma where I bought with 25% off coupon codes):

Lavie Lash (Amaryllis, Tink & Bluebell) - RM14.50
I've never heard of Lavie lashes before but the shape of the falsies intrigued me. They look so beautiful on the website and they didn't disappoint me either when I received it. They have few collections and I think I picked up one from each collection. And it's true what they say. Once you've tried wearing fake lashes, you are hooked and there's not turning back.

ZOEVA Rodeo Belle Palette - RM79
Whenever I have discount codes from Luxola, the first makeup brand that I'm 200% sure I'm gonna get is from Zoeva. I didn't know what yet, but I always wanted everything something from Zoeva to add to my collection. They are so high quality but with reasonable price. So when I saw this palette, I know I had to get it. Enough said.

Zoeva Love is a Story Palette - RM79
Truthfully, the things that draw me to this palette are the purple packaging, and the name of it. Love is a story. Huwarghhhhhh~!

ZOEVA Graphic Eyes (Nude Reflection, Black to Earth, Dessert Traveller, Blue Lotus & Female Attraction) - RM24
I don't really have a lot of colorful eyeliners so I figured now is the time to have some. Read some reviews on how creamy Zoeva eyeliners are and they kid you not! It is pigmented, creamy and intense. Will do depth review and swatches on these eyeliners in separate post.

ZOEVA Brushes :
224 Luxe Defined Crease (RM28.50)
103 Defined Buffer (RM49)
221 Luxe Soft Crease (RM28.50)
322 Brow Line (RM26.50)
233 Cream Shader (RM29)
237 Detail Shader (RM29)
229 Eye Finish (RM29)
222 All Over Shader (RM45.40)

I have a lot of brushes, more than a normal person needs. But mostly that I own are face brushes. I don't really have much eye brushes. And usually when there are deals or discount codes on Luxola, Zoeva brushes are the most fast selling items. I'm glad that I still manage to grab a bunch of them. 

Sigma Eye Shadow Palette - Warm Neutrals - RM125
I was pretty surprised to see this palette is back in stock cause it was sold out for quite some time. Chap chup cassss ku lontarkan ke dalam cart.

Sigma Brushes:
E25 Blending (RM45)
E55 Eye Shading Brush (RM45)
E15 Flat Definer (RM45)

Just because you can never have too many of eye brushes, especially blending brushes.

So that is all. Mana ada banyak sangat kan. I'm so psyched to test out all the palettes. Hopefully I can post the reviews soon.

Stay tuned!

Till my next damaging haul,

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