Tutorial #14 : Violet Galaxy Makeup Look

Hello beautiful.

Today's look revolves around some blue violet purple-ish color with reminds me a lot of galaxy bima sakti dragon ball ada 7 bijik semuanya. Haha. I used mainly the eyeshadows from Urban Decay Electric palette and I love love love how it turns out. 

Step #1:
Prime your eyelids to prevent the e/s from creasing. Then take any soft pink, I used Makeup Geek's e/s in the shade Cupcake and swipe it on the socket of the eye. Blend the e/s upwards secukup rasa sesedap hati sedingin angin gemerlapan malam. Ewah kau nak mekap ke nak zapin.

Excuse my greasy skin. I usually fix them up after I've done my eyes.

Step #2:

Take Revolt e/s from the UB Electric palette and put it on the 1/3 of the eyelid and on the inner corner. It's okay to put just a sheer layer of it cause later on you can go back and intensify it. 

Step #3:

Mix Gonzo and Chaos from the same palette and load it on the 2/3 of the eyelid. 

Step #4:

Take Urban and load it on the outer corner of the eyelid. Then you just need to whatever left on the brush and blend it with the blue e/s and also on the crease. The key here is to blend blend blend sampai patah tangan.

Step #5:

I said step, but I really meant here is steps. Haha.

Take Revolt, the silver e/s and put it on the inner corner. Then take any purple eyeliner and put it on the waterline. I used Sephora Crayon eyeliner in Purple Stilettos for that. 

Next, mixing Gonzo and Urban, put it on the lower lashline and blend it using Cupcake e/s.
I forgot to highlight my brow bone here but you can go ahead and do that.

Throw in some wing eyeliner, mascara and falsies, and it's finished!

Now off you go pergi berjoyah bergebang dengan mata violet galaxy. 

Have fun!

Till my next joyah pictorial,

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