OOTD : Floral Garden by the Ocean

"Life is like the ocean,
It can be calm and still,
Or rough and rigid,
But in the end, it is always beautiful"

This OOTD was not taken by the ocean by the way. What's with my title? Lempang lah diri ini. Lempanglah.

But I really wish that I was swirling around at a floral garden that is surrounding an ocean though. This outfit is inspired by that imagination. Angan-angan jadi impian. Impian jadi cita-cita. Heyhooo.

Pernah ke tidak awak tengok saya pakai sekewrttt tak berterbangan melayang-layang bagaikan dilempang angin persisiran pantai ombak jahat?

When I first laid my eyes on this floral printed instant shawl, I knew I had to get it. I didn't put a lot of thought on the outfit to match the shawl. Buy first, match later. Shopaholic motto. High five gewrl!

I was really in daze when I received this instant shawl. Gewrlll how you put this thang on? What do you mean instant? This is complicated. But once I've figured it out, oh my oh my, I could not put this shawl down. It's so easy, it's instantly styled and you don't need to belit-belit buat kelepet kiri kanan pusing ikut sini keluar ikut sinun and all that. It's stylish, flowy, drapes beautifully and labuh. And the floral print is so gorgeous! Like a floral garden by the beach punya gorgeous.

Matched is with dusty pink satin blouse and an electric blue (itu yang feeling ocean sangatnya tu) skirt and off I went swirling in front of my house....and embarrassing my mother that had to take my pictures.

Shawl : ScarfSweetHoney
Top : @gayaworld
Skirt : @rnrconcept

Till my next ho ho tee dee yey naa dey hotakkau,

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