Review : Stila Eyes Are the Window Shadow Palette [SOUL]

Hai. Hai.

Awak kat mana awak awak kat mana?

As you may see in one of the things jumbled in my previous haul, I got my gemok hands on the new Stila Eyes Are the Window Shadow palette. They are 4 palettes in this collection, inspired by the spiritual notion that true beauty is revealed from within. They are named Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul and each palette contains 12 lavish eyeshadows. The palettes range from matte to shimmery, they have warm neutral palette, cool toned palette, some coppery reddish palette and colorful palette. 

And oh boy, was I meditating in front of Stila section for God knows how long.

"We must take it all, precious. They all shall be ours."

"But Smeagol needs only one."

"No you fool. Take them all! Take them! *coughs*gollum*coughs*"

Luckily, I have some Samwise Gamgee kept in me and he was the one who snapped me out of it. So I made my way forward, decided to take Soul and gave myself a "good job" pat on the back while I was at it.

The palette retails for RM165 and what caught my eyes the most was its luxury looking gold-rose gold packaging. It has 3 "S" letters embroidered on the front of the packaging and all the eyeshadow names are written on the back.

You will find a quote written on a plastic when you open the palette. For Soul palette it says:

"Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. 
For love is beauty of the soul"
-Saint Augustine

Pehhhhhh...deep siot. Rasa begitu Arjune Beta. Haha.

Now onto the eyeshadows and the swatches.

Light - A matte light beige color. It's a bit powdery but quite pigmented.

Individual - Warm toned mid brown with matte reddish undertone. I love this as transition color on the crease.

Being - Dark brown color with warm undertone and this has matte finish. Great color for a smokey eye look.

Kitten - A classic cult favorite eyeshadow from Stila. A shimmery champagne color with frosty metallic finish. Love this for highlighting the inner corner and on the brow bone.

Affection - A warm coppery color with frosty finish.

Character - Medium dark brown with red sparkles in it. The sparkles don't show up that much though on the lid and this eyeshadow is the least pigmented in this palette. You have to layer it on several times for the color to even show up. Mehhhh.

Thought - It is a bronzed pewtery color with frosty formulation. Love the pigmentation and the sheen finish that it gives.

Heart - This eyeshadow has a good mix of taupe and rosy pink color. It is a matte eyeshadow and is great as blending color.

Peace - Medium dark coppery color with frosty finish. Oooo..kay...Haha dry gila explanation.

Vitality - Bright gold with warm yellow undertones. Again, it's a frosty finish and it has metallic sheen formulation. I would pick this as the second least pigmented eyeshadow from this palette.

Substance - Medium dark silver gray with frosty finish. Pigmentation is good and goes on smoothly as well.

Essence - Yeah, a good old black is always an essence in every palette. A matte medium black that is not intensely opaque.

I posted pictorial on this eye makeup look HERE

- Consist of variety finish and formulation, from matte to frosty and metallic sheen
- Great earthy neutral colors selection
- The palette consist all necessary eyeshadow so you don't have to jump from this palette to another palette; it has blending color (major BIG point for me), highlighting color, light color for softer look and dark color for smokey look
- Most of the colors are opaque
- Beautiful and luxurious looking packaging
- Compact and handy

- There are some disappointing eyeshadow in term of pigmentation 
- I said in the pros that most of the colors are opaque. But get this, it is not intensely opaque. It's tad bit higher than a decent level
- I would say the price is not at par with all the eyeshadow qualities 

This palette provides great neutral shades if you are into that. The eyeshadows with frosty metallic finish have better pigmentation and the colors are stunning. Granted, there are some that don't give good color pay-off but you can build the intensity to your liking. The palette is great for travelling as it is very handy and not bulky. Also, this palette has it all; from blending color to highlighting color so it is very convenient that you don't have to bring other palette. Or you can. Who can stop you? You rule the world. Haha.

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