Review : Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation

Oh hello there.

Today I'm reviewing another foundation in my collection which is Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation. I bought this at Parkson Pavilion, KL at the Chanel counter for RM168. Yelah Chanel lah, takkan beli dekat KFC pulak kan.

I asked the BA to remove my makeup partially around my chin area because I wanted to swatch it directly on my face. I tried two shades, 30 Beige & 40 Beige before I decided to pick up the later shade. 
Which was  a _____ decision. 

A what? A bad or a perfect decision? Haha keep on reading. Or you know, just skip to the bottom.
*interlocking your fingers tight so you can't scroll down*
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As mentioned earlier, I picked up the shade 40 Beige. On  Chanel website, it claims to give:
-“Multi-faceted” radiance, colour, comfort and matte finish
- Perfect correction of all types of imperfections: redness and dark spots
- Optimal radiance created by the patented** Perfect Light Control Complex for an even, luminous complexion all day long

Well, we shall see. Let's see how this foundation looks on my skin. After that, I will break it down to you what my thoughts are on its coverage, consistency, shades and all that jazz.

My naked face. As you can see I have a lot of redness and acne scars. Isn't my skin just perfect for foundation review? So you can see how well the coverage is.

One layer applied to only half of my face.

As you can see, my skin and acne scar are still peeking through even though the foundation does a great job in covering the redness. Looks pretty natural and smooth.

Now, I applied second layer to the same side of my face.

Layering up the foundation does help in giving fuller coverage. It looks like my foundation is built up but somehow still looks natural.

This foundation has medium build-able coverage & the texture is a bit runny but is not thick at all. I don't think it gives a matte finish as it claims to be but I could see the radiance finish. Personally I love a foundation with a suffice pinch of luminousity than a flat matte foundation, even though I have oily skin. It doesn't cake up your face and it leaves your skin looking smooth, natural and glowy. Loveeeee *high pitch*

And if I could give only 1 cookie point to any of the awesome traits that this foundation has, it would be the scent of it. Oh the smell. It has a very pleasant fruity rose-y smell. I don't know if it smells like fruits or flowers but I feel like I'm lying on a bed full of roses, with the sounds of birds chirping and the ocean breeze. Seriously, the scent makes me happy.

Now, nothing is perfect in this world. There are some downsides that I found with this foundation. First of all, well I don't know if this can count as a downside or not. But it makes me sigh. When Mommy's start sighing, you know something has gone reaaallll bad. This foundation oxidizes. *sighs* I don't know if you can tell from my completed makeup look above, but after a while the foundation starts to oxidize and it looks a little muddy on me. It definitely has yellow undertone but somewhat it turns pinker on me. So, if you plan to buy it, I would suggest you to go for a shade lighter. And to fill in the blank earlier,
It was a WRONG decision. I should have taken Beige 30. Oh well.

After 4 hours, my face starts to look oily. It's like "radiant" has gone rouge. I'm talking about filling up cooking oily in spray bottle and spraying your face for 5 minutes. Super oily. So, if you have oily skin and you couldn't be bother to blot or touch up your face constantly, this is not for you.

- Has pleasant smell. Are you surprised that's my first pro? Hehe.
- Gives luminous and radiance finish
- Doesn't look cakey even if you layer it up
- Great coverage to cover up redness, pimples & scars and to even out the skin
- Lightweight and long wearing
- Has a pump

- Oxidizes 
- Turns oily after 4 hours. Not recommended for oily skin

I honestly really love this foundation. I love the finishes, the coverage, the smell. Although I said it is not recommended for oily skin and it is oily after several hours, I can put up with that. Even when it starts to look oily, the foundation still held on nicely and doesn't look cakey. From a distance my face looks like JLo after her Zumba class. Come closer and you might burn your eyes. Minyak memercik. 

Phewww..that was long. I wrote too much. I must be sick. I think I'm gonna lie down now.

Till my next review,

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  1. I have this chanel too.

    Tensen mak tau. cek review online ramai kata good for oily skin because it has spf 10 only. Not more than tht.

    Tapiiii. Part oxidize tu mmg tak best. tapi SA tu kata sesuai sangat pakai dinner.

    Well. Mekap kat kawan masa dinner memang cantik. Besides kita pakai dinner kejap je kan. Hahaha.

    1. Reallyyyy? Too bad you bought that before reading my review. Hahahaha. Good for oily skin la sgt. I pakai neh memang kejap jek rasa macam muka jatuh tersembam dalam kuali. Kebas tangan jgk la nak tacap selalu. U punya oxidize jgk eyh? Mine oxidize sampai kdg2 nampak mcm dayang senandung pakai temulawak. Haha.

    2. Haah. Sama jugak oxidize. I think they should say sesuai untuk kulit normal to oily. Not oily skin.

      Of course dia oxidize jgk. But for dinner mmg sesuai. For daily use totally pangkahh. Pakai lama sangat rasa kulit lemas.

    3. Oh I xpernah lagi try pakai for dinner. Will definitely try! Mesti akan hold up ok kan sebab dinner malam sejuk2 angin sepoi2 ewahhh. Kalau siang dengan panas peloh nya, makkkk x menahan nak tacap.

    4. Agak la. Maybe i baca review oversea. So weather dia tak sama la kan. Panas dia pon dry je. Panas kita humid kemain tu yang macam celup dalam minyak masak

    5. Agak la. Maybe i baca review oversea. So weather dia tak sama la kan. Panas dia pon dry je. Panas kita humid kemain tu yang macam celup dalam minyak masak