OOTD : Hari Raya Aidiladha [Green Fushia Prada Lace]

I've had this Prada Lace for quite some time but never got around to make a dress out of it. And then I remember that Raya Korban is coming. Zasssss start motor macam nak terpelanting raga motor dan berdesup pegi hantar tailor.

 You know, fefeeling shawl terbang macam iklan Sunsilk.

 Ermmmm dap dap nya makan rendang. Sampai tidur terkibas-kibas baju.

I had trouble finding the dress color to best match the lace. Then I thought, mehhh matching colors are no fun. Color blocking is more my style. So I paired the lace with green lycra dress and I think it turns out to be quite okay. Even if it doesn't, who cares. Girl, you just gotta hold your chin up, flips the shawl, walk out confidently, stop when there's people staring and bagi lirikan mata berapi super saiya "Kisah ke aku?"

My makeup look for the day. I've posted the pictorial HERE if you want to cek cek cekidautttt~

Prada Lace by @jizanlykl
Safa 2tone shawl by ZAWARA

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