Tutorial #18 : Dramatic Royal Purple Cat Eye Makeup Look

Well hello beautiful people on Earth.

In this post I'm gonna share how to get this purple-y blue cat eye look. Originally I wanted to do black as the cat eye flick but my black pencil liner was missing. Dengki siut. So I opted for blue and I love how it turns out.

Step #1:
As always, begin by priming your eyelids to prevent the e/s from creasing. I use Mac Paint Pot in the shade Soft Ochre.

Step #2:
Take any light plum purple and dust it on the crease. You wanna use a slight amount first and gradually put more. Here I use a matte plum shade by Elianto. I had this for ages and it doesn't have a name. Poor baby. Haha.

Step #3:
Take any eyeliner, preferably with fine and thin tip and use that to draw a flick like you are doing your wing eyeliner. If I'm not mistaken I used Maybelline Hyper Glossy liquid liner.

Step #4:
Next, take any creamy blue or black liner and start doing..how do I explain this..do kinda shark fin shape? And then you just wanna blend it in toward the center of the lid. I used Zoeva Graphic Liner in the shade Blue Lotus for this.

Step #5:
Ok, whew. Apa lagi kena buat ni. Oh, mix Chaos & Urban e/s from Urban Decay Electric palette and pat that colors on the area where we make the shark fin shape just now. Maybe I should just call this a shark fin eye look huh?

And to help the color looks blended and put together, use Bitten from Makeup Geek and swipe it on the crease.

Step #6:
Then I used Makeup Forever Artist Shadow in D-926 and pack it on the eyelid. I loveeee this e/s. It's a purple e/s with blue sparkle in it.

Step #7:
After all that mess, use makeup remover to clean up your cat eye flick. For this look I want to make the purple and blue pop so I didn't do wing eyeliner and just put on falsies. I'm swag like that.

Step #8:
Final steps, use Makeup Geek e/s in Shimma Shimma and highlight the tear duct and brow bone.

Then, line your waterline with purple liner, like the one I used; Sephora Crayon Liner in Purple Stilettos. Next, sat sat sat tak habis lagi....use the mix of Urban & Chaos e/s and smoke out the lower lash line. 


Happy New Year!
Woot woot 2015!

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