Tutorial #21 : Blue, Just Blue Makeup Look

Sooooo..the holiday is almost over and you betcha Imma having the deepest bluessss right now. I can foresee myself desperately hugging my mom's leg begging not to kick me back to KL tonight. Rasa macam kena balik asrama. Elehhhh pernah duduk asrama ke kau Semah oi yang feeling2 perasaan bersemarak macam kena balik asrama. How can long holiday be so exciting yet annoying at the same time. Well that is when it almost over la.

To commemorate this reluctant-to-start-working-tomorrow feeling that I have, let's just indulge & express ourselves in some blue colors, shall we?

The ingredients:

Step #1:
After priming my precious eyelids, I take my brush, roll it in the Cinnamon e/s pan from Sigma Warm Neutrals and swipe it on my crease, blending it upwards.

Excuse the gwiyomi zits that I have there. They are having beach holidays on my skin.

Step #2:
Next, I used Warm Stone e/s from the same palette and place it on the outer V of the lid and blending it in the crease. Then I used Sugar Milk e/s and pat it on the eyelid.

Step #3:
Using dark blue gel liner, wing out them liner macam kepak ayam terbang bebas. I used Matte AMC Eyeliner Gel in #83.

Step #4:
After applying my falsies, I took NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and loaded it on the lower lash line.

Step #5:
From Marc Jacob's The Siren palette, I used the white e/s to set the 1/4 of the lower lash line. Then, using the same palette, I took the green seafoam color (third last e/s) and pat it on the 2/4 part of the lower lash line. 

Step #6:
Lepaih tuh, I used the next e/s from the previous one, the royal blue one and place it on the 3/4 of the same lower lash line. Yelah same la. Takkan nak letak dekat lower lash line jiran sebelah menyebelah pulak. Tetiba "tok tok tok semekommm ada orang kat rumah takkkk saya datang nak smoke out lower lash line ni haaa".

Eh, tapi jiran aku suma Cina. Kau bagi salam buat apa?

Step #7:
Lepaih balik dari rumah jiran tadi, continue the final step which is to use the last deep green e/s from the same Marc Jacobs palette and pat it on the last part of the lower lash line.

Finally, mascara thelower lashes and wallaaaa walaweeeee, siap weyyy.

Yeay, panda! Frying pan-da, Japan-da! 

Geddit? Geddit?

Love Shuffle, anyone? No? Kbai.

Till my next pictorial,

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