The Awkward Intro

As Salam.
Eh, hi there!


Yup, writing talking to no one, what's so awkward about that right? Right? Right? Right? Right?
Anyway, this is my blog, the thatssonurfatin's blog. Which makes me the Nur Fatin. 

Nur Fatin, the great! *gedegang bunyi kilat*


Okay, I deserved that. 

In short, I am a makeup addict/hoarder/junkie/anything you call somebody that sees makeup stuff dan timbul bentuk-bentuk love di mata. I am so excited to share my love for makeup with someone out here but girl, I ain't no Youtuber. Nor am I a good writer. It takes me almost half Isya' to write this one post. But I still want to share. I want to. I want. You feel me beybeh?

With that being said, we'll see how this goes ey?



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