Makeup 101 : The Foundation

I don't know about yauwl but to me, a look is not complete without a base or foundation on your face. Some people prefer it simple; rocking a simple wing eyeliner and lipstick, and some go heavy with full face makeup with colorful eye look and falsies. Either way, foundation is a must in everyone's makeup routine. Not having foundation on, is like eating nasi lemak without sambal. Or Hari Raya without lemang & ketupat .Or Chinese New Year without lion dancing to the "dum dum dum cheng" beat and batting their eyelashes. Or Chatime without adding on pearl.
Incomplete. Incomplete I tell you.

I am a full coverage foundation girl. No coverage, no talking talking. Full coverage means foundation tebal macam tepung komak. Well, not necessarily tebal, but kalau ditempek terus ketepek hilang parut jerawat, terus linchinnn muka  macam lantai baru lepas kena mop.

Because I have pretty severe acne problem. Ok, not pretty but tak kan nak letak ugly severe pulak kan. Rosak laptop dengan titisan air mata aku kang.

Yeah, yeah. I know. You must be thinking "What the hell are you doing putting so much on your face when you have skin problem?"
Girl, save it. Read the blog's title, please.

So, I would like to share with you the foundations that I have been using and my thoughts on its coverage and texture and how it looks on my bare skin. If you are blessed with clear skin, damn lucky you, cause you won't need all this heaviness on your face. But if you want to try it anyway, go on. I support you. Not financially, of course.

Without further ado, meet my foundations army.


Average people won't need these many, but being a makeup junkie that I am, this is AVERAGE. I need more. *crazy lady alert*

So now let's see how the foundation looks on my skin one by one. But first, I'm gonna show you 1/4 of my acne bare skin so that you have a better idea on the foundation's performance, coverage-wise.

Warning : do not read this when you are eating, or before you are going to bed. You might puke or have a nightmare. 

Hey I just met you,
This is crazy
So here's my bare skin,
Don't freak out, maybe?

*ini bukan mangsa dera*

Awww, can you spot the cutesy tiny teensy wheensy white heads? So appealing,right? I think I'm gonna adopt them permanently.


Perlu lah nak letak watermark bagai. Tidak akan ada manusia yang akan claim ini wajahnya.
Melainkan mereka yang buat iklan New York Skin Solution.
I'm on meds now so I hope ini semua akan tinggal kenangan.

Moving on people!

1. MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 (shade NC30)

This foundation was my very first foundation that I bought, years ago. Back then, I used this a lot. After that, I grew some Malin Kundang in me and kinda put this aside. I used to love it, cause as you see, it covers well with only 1 layer. Pigmentation and coverage-wise, definitely A. But after a while, it turns to be very cakey and heavy on the skin. Cakey as in bertapok ye kawan-kawan, bukan sapu kek karot kat muka.
That is why I don't reach for this very often nowadays. It feels thick. After couple of hours, rasa terkinja-kinja sangat dah nak cuci buang. It is still a good foundation. But I've found better.

*looking at the sky in case there is kilat derhaka awaits*

2. Makeup Forever Professional HD (shade N153 -wrong shade, looks dark on me)

Well now. If you haven't heard of MUFE HD foundation.....

"Oh hey, you finally came out. How was Gua Tempurung?"

Haha. But seriously. This little guy is basically a staple foundation in makeup world. Everybody raves on how it looks natural on the skin and photographs well in pictures, without causing white cast macam tepung Adabi. It claims to be an oil free medium to full coverage liquid foundation which covers skin imperfections, while remaining invisible on-screen and real life.

BUT..but..but..but..butt *proittt*..

As you can see, it is a medium foundation and is buildable to be full coverage. However, mehhhh I don't fancy it very much. Dah la salah beli shade gelap. Maybe I just have too much to cover so this level of coverage does not work on me. I have used this on my friends who have clearer skin and it looks dashing on them. But for me, memang tidak HD sangat lah. Hanya SSD (So-So Definition) sahaja.

 3. Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow (shade Beige - one shade darker)

Actually, I'm kinda a noob in selecting the perfect shade for my skin. I have bought 4 foundations that are too dark or too light for me and ended up mixing them to get the right shade. Bajet pro, beginilah.
My advice, swatch the foundation slightly below your chin (if you already have makeup on), instead on your hand.

Now how do I describe this one? It's thick but not that thick. It's liquid-y but not so runny. Lebih kurang macam krim susu pekat manis bersuhu bilik. Tu diaaaa, gitu reference dia.

I like this one. Coverage is pretty good. Of course for me I need more than 1 layer + concealer.
There was one time I went to Taman KLCC masa matahari rembang and fuhhh was I dripping sweats. Kalut tengok cermin sebab memang rasa berlemoih dah foundation and boom! I looked 'Wow!'. The foundation sits still on the face and it glows bagaikan bunga-bunga matahari.

4. Revlon Colorstay (shade 310 Warm Golden - a tad bit light for my skintone)

I plead innocent for this case. The shade is undeniably light for me but the next shade called Early Tan is no matchy matchy either. I can imagine myself look like ikan temenung bersalut kunyit if I use that shade.

This foundation is pretty thick and feels kinda "eeee apa neh" when you put on. Haha. Worst description ever. It dries out so fast that you need to buff it in your skin quickly. I'm talking about shaking-your-hand-like- Eminem-when-he-raps kinda fast. When you first apply, it feels heavy. But when your natural oil starts forming and blends with the foundation, uuuuu gewrlllll you gonna look meletop-letop macam ikan keli dalam kuali panas. It looks absolutely stunning, I kid you not.

5. Loreal True Match (shades N3 & N7)

Again with the wrong shade selection *hides my face in the fridge*.

But this one I love. I love it so much that I didn't mind going back to get another shade to mix. Texture-wise, OMG. Coverage-wise, OMG. Price-wise, O to the M to the G. I'm so excited to talk about this guy that my hands tremble. Apakah ini chenta?

It feels water-y when applied. It's lightweight, does not feel heavy (duhh!), smooth and conceals amazingly. I just need a slight concealer dab to hide whatever acne scarring that peaks through. Heck, sometimes I feel like I can get away with only the foundation itself. Cause it's that good! Staying power is great, does not cake up on your face & super easy to blend. Gahhhh, I love love it. It is even better than high end foundation out there. Get this, if you haven't already. Kamon girl, move it move it. Go get it. Kalau Watson dah tutup ketuk sampai bukak.

6. Loreal Lucent Magique Light-Infusing (shade N7)

I bought this one cause it was 50% off and I couldn't say I regret it. This is the right color for me *brushes shoulder off*.

This foundation is a little bit thicker than Loreal True Match but it possesses almost equivalent great quality. It does not feel heavy on the face and it is pretty pigmented. But this foundation does not hold up well. I can see it starts to wear off after 3-4 hours. Too bad. I wouldn't recommend it if you are looking for a long staying power foundation.

7. Urban Decay Naked Skin (shade 5.0)

Perfect shade. Boo-yah! *brushes shoulder off twice*

This is definitely one of my favs. It is soooo light on the face that you can barely feel you are wearing a foundation. And it does not look like you are wearing one either, hence the name : Naked Skin. Uuuuu I feel sexay. Haha.

Pigmentation : Checked.
Coverage : Checked.
Texture : Checked.

I cannot say enough great things about this foundation. It really lives up to the hype and worth every RM spent. Atin loves it.

Euw, did I say that?

Phew, that was a lot to process right? I hope I didn't bore you. If I did, you probably have hit pangkah & won't be seeing this right now *tergedik berlari menangis di bucu katil*

Thanks a lot for reading this. I hope my rambling helps you in picking your foundation. Remember, the true beauty is yourself. Makeup is just a tool to magnify & enhancing what you already have.

Till my next rambling.

Atin the Mak Datin

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