Tutorial #2 : Smokey Bronze Sate Ayam Makeup Look

Dari kerana mata.... 

Hello there!
I guess I was freaking starving when I did my makeup. I looked in the mirror and I saw sate ayam bergolek-golek in my eyes. Yum yum.

So let's learn how to get sate ayam eyes without using sate ayam. 

HAHAHA. I'm know I'm ridiculous but bear with me please.
*batting eyelashes laju-laju sampai tertanggal bulu mata palsu*

The Ingredients:

*In the order of how I apply them*

1. Creme Brulee e/s by Makeup Geek
2. Cocoa Bear e/s by Makeup Geek

3. Bad to the Bronze Color Tattoo by Maybelline
4. Bronze color (has no name) e/s by Elianto

5. Dark brown (has no name) e/s by Elianto
6. Shimma Shimma e/s by Makeup Geek

Okay girls, let's begin.
*senteng lengan baju*

Step 1:
Apply Creme Brulee e/s on the crease. Blend it up secukup rasa. At first I applied only a small amount, but later on I went back and blend some more. Since it is a smoky look, you can put generous amount of the blending e/s to make the eyes look really blown. Make sure to really buff it in.

Step 2:
Take Cocoa Bear e/s and darken the crease. Again, blend blend blend! You can put a little bit at first and kalau rasa tak cukup, haa tempek lagi jemah.

Step 3:
Put on Bad to the Bronze cream e/s on the eyelid & layer on bronze powder e/s on top of it. This is to intensify the eyelid and prevent the cream e/s from creasing. 

Step 4:
Apply dark brown e/s on the outer V and slightly blend it in the crease, taking it all the way to the front.
You can always add more of the e/s to your preference. You can see in the pictorial below that the first 3 steps look soft but at the end the color look dark and intense. That's because I touch up more of the e/s. This makeup look is really flexible. You can put more or tone it down, which ever you like baby. Ain't nobody gonna stop yauwl.

Step 5:
Take Cocoa Bear e/s and put on the first half of your lower lash line. Then, put the dark brown e/s and smoke out the other half of the lower lash line. Line your water line with black eyeliner and blend it in the e/s that your have on the lower lash fine.

Put Shimma Shimma e/s on the tear duct & brow bone to highlight your eyes. Add on some wing liner and mascara and flip your head like Justin Bieber, cause you're done bebeh!

Terima lah muka kelaparan sate ayam...

Dah macam ayam dah muka aku.

Hello world, meet my hormone-made pimples.
 It's that time of the month. Mommy pimple wants to have picnic with the family on my skin. Let them be. They don't know their fate.

*prepping needle*

Till my next breakout.
Atin the Mak Datin

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