Tutorial #1 : Simple Soft Glow Look

This is my first pictorial for a simple go-to eye makeup. Please excuse the pics quality. I'm using the very Tok Kaduk DSLR. And oh, excuse my breakout skins. I was having bad-day skin the day I captured this, and the day after, and every day after. 


Quick side note, IF you are planning to do this eye makeup, you do not have to get every product that I used. Of course, you can if you want. But by all means, you can modify this look by using whatever similar products that you own. Sekian.

Oh, and don't mind my sparse eyebrows. I don't trim them. Titik. Noktah. Cinta.

Step 1
Take a soft brown eyeshadow and apply it on your crease. The crease is actually your eye socket. If you have small hooded eyes like me, raba-raba atas kelopak mata sampai jumpa tengkorak mata. Eh? You now what I mean. I always tilt my head back a bit when applying eyeshadow on my crease because I can see and feel them better with my brush. 

Here I'm using Creme Brulee eyeshadow by Makeup Geek.

Tonyoh tonyoh sapu sapu secukup rasa.

This step is very crucial to blend everything together. If you don't blend your eyeshadows, they will be left un-blended. 


But seriously, eye look with harsh lines is a no-no. You might as well just put on your sunglasses until midnight.

Step 2
Take any brown eyeshadow that is slightly darker that previous eyeshadow and put it on the outer V of your eyelid. Blend it in the crease to define it a little bit. 

I'm using Cocoa Bear by Makeup Geek.

Like so.

Step 3
Next, put on any shimmery white/gold eyeshadow on the rest of the lid, avoiding the brown on the outer V. 

I'm using Afterglow pigment by Makeup Geek.
*Long Live the Makeup Geek*

Take the brush that you used for the brown eyeshadow just now and blend the edges of the white/gold eyeshadow. Unless, if you are using your finger, than take your finger, If you plan to use fork, please. Go ahead, get creative.

Again, this is to eliminate the harsh lines.

Step 4
Take a matte dark brown or black eyeshadow, and intensify the outer V.

I'm using dark brown eyeshadow from Sephora Smoky Studio Pallete.

Step 5
You almost done. Come on girl you can do it.

Take the same brown eyeshadow (Cocoa Bear) and apply on the lower lash line and blend the hell out of it.
Use a shimmery eyeshadow and apply on the tear duct (the spot where taik mata is produced) and below your brow bone.  I'm using Shimma Shimma by Makeup Geek, again. 

On my water line, I used Sephora Jumbo Crayon Pencil in number 5, Beige.

Give your eye some flick with your favorite eyeliner. I used Long Wear Gel Line by Bobbi Brown.

Dah siap? Kasi wink wink sikit. Phewittttt.

Step 6
Finally, curl them lashes and put on mascara yauwl.

I'm using maybe its' Maybelline, maybe it's not. The Falsies mascara. You can choose to put on fake eyelashes if that pleases you. I know it pleases me. *buat muka gatai*

Demi Wispies eyelashes by Ardell.

This is the final look.


Senang tak Kak Ton? Senang kan. Sambil lipat kain pun boleh buat.
Hope this helps and good luck yauwl!

Atin the Mak Datin

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