Review : MAC x Isabel and Ruben Toledo Lipstick in Oxblood

MAC Cosmetics has collaborated with fashion & illustration designers, Isabel & Ruben Toledo for their new Spring 2015 collection.

All the packaging has been designed with graphic illustration in white, black and red. It reminds me of Queen of Hearts from Alice in  Wonderland, which totally creeps me out. What's with the eyes and all. 

*glaring my makeup tutorial post, fully loaded with pictures of my eyes*

.....Fine. Not that creepy.

Well at first, I wasn't going to get any. But when I swatched this one lipstick, I almost grabbed the BA's collar and hysterically went GIVE IT TO MEEEE at him, with mountain of drools coming out of my mouth. So cute.

This shade is called Oxblood, the only nude in the whole collection. It is described as light peachy nude and it is a matte finish. Now here is the part where I was sucked in to buy this lipstick. The consistency of this matte lipstick is slightly different from the regular MAC matte lipstick. It's even creamier & smoother. It glides on like a dream and comes off with a sheen and not as drying as matte.

When I first swatched it on the back of my hand, I couldn't believe how smooth it is that I even turned the lipstick upside down to read the on the bottom if it is really a matte finish. It didn't feel any tugging like a matte lipstick can tend to be.

Although it is described as a light peachy nude, it comes off more pink-ish on me. Here is the swatch alone and the comparison with some nude lipsticks that I own.

First of all, my apologies for the terrible crooked swatches. Let me give a short explanation for this.

I'm a left handed but I used my right hand to swatch it on my left hand. If I were to use my left hand, I had to swatch it on my right hand which will then make it difficult for me to take this picture cause I need to hold my camera with my right hand since the shutter is on the right. So I don't see how am I able to take of picture of my right hand when my right hand is occupied with camera, while my left hand is not. And I couldn't ask for my mom's help cause she's currently in the kitchen tengah goreng cucur udang Adabi.

Short right? Right. Moving on.

You can see that Mac Oxblood has a hint of pink in it and that makes it perfect for everyday wear. I've swatched couple more of the lipsticks in this collection and they were all beautiful. So tempted to get MAC Victoriana next.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. It retails at RM77, slightly higher than regular MAC lipsticks and you can get it at all MAC Cosmetics store in Malaysia. I got mine from Queensbay Mall, Penang. 

Will you be getting anything in from MAC Toledo collection?

Till my next review,

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  1. ini kijo ko rupanya ehhhh..haha

    1. Hahaha amboihhh dah pandai nk komen2 blog orang..g beranak cpt cket..haha

  2. hahahaha cukup matte cam ultra matte tu x??! haha adoih tggu hbes lipstic sephora i baru i g cri liptick tu..haha during that time dh new collection dh ye...aiyoo baru nk follow xd button follower plak LOL btw finally im here!

    1. sesungguhnya aku sgt la noob..button follow ke hape suma xde..haha..neh matte creamy..yg tuh super duper matte..that one mmg cult fav, xkan tenggelam dek zaman smpai bila2..haha