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So I finally jumped on the Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) single eyeshadows bandwagon. Mannnnn that feels good. I placed my order through @makeupgeeklover on IG and received it on my doorstep 3 weeks later. Pretty fast I'd say, considering the shipment went all the way to Malaysia. Imagine berapa banyak tongkang nak kena transit. Haha.

I browsed through ABH's website and I saw that they offer special bundle pricing with free palette if you buy 8 eyeshadows. So you can create your own palette and get to save up more that way. If you buy only one single eyeshadow, it costs around RM60++ whereas I bought my palette with total of 8 eyeshadows for RM270. That's around RM34 per pan, and you get free palette some more. I don't even know what to say if you still want to buy singles one instead of the bundle. Anak saudagar minyak kah anda.

ABH offers 87 single eyeshadows (if I counted correctly, manually counting it here so cut me some slack please, 87 banyak kot haha) on the website with 8 different no compromise formula.

Titanium: A highly-pigmented metallic shadow with a smooth texture and intense multidimensional shimmer. Apply wet for a pure liquid-metal finish.

Duo-Chrome: A high-intensity formula with color shifting, prismatic iridescence.

Ultra-Matte: A blendable suede-like formula that provides a smooth, opaque matte finish.

Metallic: A rich, velvety formula that provides a high-shine finish.

Satin: A luminous formula that provides decadent color with a silk-like finish.

Shimmer: A light-reflective, finely-milled formula that provides a lustrous finish.

Sparkle: A smooth formula with light-reflecting particles that provide a dazzling finish.

Velvet: A weightless formula with a buttery texture and soft sheen.

Oooo..kay, that was informative but when I was selecting colors that I want, I just mainly focus on the shade. And also if it's matte or shimmery. Cukup. I already foreseen the type of palette that I wanted to create at that time. A palette with a mix of matte and shimmer, a must-have transition color as well as highlight color, and also some deep tone shade for intense look.

So here is my palette. Tadaaaaa~

Pandang kiri sikit.

Okay tengok sini pulak.

8 single eyeshadows:

Vanilla. Soft Gold, Glisten, Topaz, Caramel, Morocco, Red Earth & Beauty Mark

Well well it looks like there's an eyeshadow that doesn't swatch well. Why is that? Okay okay now. Bawak bertendang. Let's talk a little more on each eyeshadow shall we?


Vanilla is described as buttery white shadow with velvet formulation. It comes off as light beige color and feels buttery but a bit powdery like a matte eyeshadow. The pigmentation of this eyeshadow is quite decent, as you can expect in a matte light colored eyeshadow.  Can be used  all over eyelid shadow for natural look and for highlighting the brow bone as well.

Soft Gold

Soft gold is a light gold eyeshadow with platinum flecks. The name described it perfectly, as it is a very soft toned gold with beautiful metallic finish. I loveeeee this shade for highlighting the inner corner of the eyes. It instantly brighten up you eyes and makes it look more awake and popped.


Glisten is a medium coppery orange eyeshadow with metallic finish. It has great pigmentation and the sparkling glisten-y sheen that it gives just draws me in. Sooo beautiful Maria.


Topaz is described as bronze gold color with satin finish. It is a medium bronze color with beautiful satin sheen. This color, or rather this formula is the creamiest and has the best pigmentation out of all 8 eyeshadows. 


Caramel is described as an ultra matte warm medium brown. It has mustard-y orange undertone and it is super blendable. It is the perfect color for transition shade in the crease. The color doesn't come off super pigmented when swatched with my finger but with a brush, uuuuu gewrllll twerk it twerk it. You barely need to deep your brush into the pan. It is easy to build up and blend as well.


Morocco is simply described as a brick color. It is an deep reddish brown eyeshadow with ultra matte finish. I have a huge crush on this color. Like seriously, I love it. Like really, I just can't. Yawl need this color. It comes off super pigmented with a brush, like you just need to toing deep it once and it goes on so smoothly.

Red Earth

Red Earth is a deep reddish plum eyeshadow with ultra matte finish. Just like the other color from the same formulation, this color is fairly pigmented and can be easily build up to your desired opacity. I have always drawn to plum burgundy shade so I wanted to include such shade in my palette. I was happy that this color turned out beautifully to my expectation. I foresee myself using this a lot to darken up the crease in my makeup look.

Beauty Mark

Well well. Finally we get to talk about this eyeshadow. Beauty Mark is a dark chocolate shade with purple undertone. This one is also a matte finish eyeshadow, however unlike the other one that I purchased, this one comes off a bit patchy when swatched with fingers. On the first swatch picture (scroll up please), you can see that the eyeshadow is hard to build up and not so smooth. I don't know if it was my bad luck to get a bad production ones or if it's actually that bad. I first swatched it with my fingers and it just won't come off no matter how much I layered it up. Then I used a brush and was pleasantly surprised that it came out a bit better, as you can see from picture above. So, if you plan to get this eyeshadow, use a brush to pick up the color. Or don't pick up this color, like AT ALL. Heeee.

Update: I used my Sigma E55 to apply Beauty Mark all over my lid and OMG, it did not come off patchy at all. In fact, it is so smooth and easy to even it out. You can check out my makeup look below, I used Beauty Mark on eyelid and lemme just tell you, this picture doesn't do justice for these eyeshadows. They look even more intense in person.  So yeah, it's a great eyeshadow after all. I definitely recommend using brushes to apply them.

Will do pictorial on these looks soon!

- Super easy to blend
- Smooth & easy to layer up 
- Long wearing
- Very pigmented when you use a brush to pick it up

- Expensive (if not purchased in bundle)
- Doesn't come off so pigmented using fingers, definitely need brushes to apply 

I think in the end it comes down to the individual performance of the eyeshadow itself. *yeah I'm looking at you Beauty Mark*. Okay, I've made peace with Beauty Mark now after I used it today all over my lid. The eyeshadows are really beautiful and smooth and the best part is that it can be layered up and you can still get the utmost pigmentation that you want. The best formula out of all these eyeshadows has to be satin finish. It's really smooth and creamy. Love you, Topaz!

To be honest, you can still get equivalent quality eyeshadow with cheaper price at Makeup Geek (MUG). But I think ABH eyeshadow blends a bit better though and it is so easy to build it up. Of course, my opinion is solely based on the eyeshadow that I got. I still want to try other formula like Titanium and Duo Chrome. If you wanted different shade that is not in MUG's range, then by all means you can try ABH. Colors like Morocco and Caramel are so exquisitely beautiful and a must-haves. 

I would definitely suggest you buy ABH single eyeshadows in the bundle of 8 if you plan on getting it. Of course I cannot force you to go out there and layangkan tebarkan terbang tinggi uwoo ooo your money and get the bundle of 8. But it is really a great investment since it's a lot cheaper and you score a free palette as well. 

If you wanted to buy any eyeshadow from ABH, I highly recommend Topaz, Soft Gold, Red Earth, Caramel & Morocco. I really really love these colors and I think I might repurchase them when they ran out. 

*glares at my eyeshadow collection* 

In 2048, maybe? Haha.

Don't forget to check out @makeupgeeklover IG, she is the besttttt ABH & MUG makeup seller. You won't regret dealing with her. Most kindest, loveliest and sweetest makeup seller I've ever encountered.

Till my next review,

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