Sephora Haul : Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Glam Glow, Tarte, NYX

I know I might be getting big boooo, long boooo, or boooo keretapi for this, but I finally went to Nu Sentral! 

Boooo boooo boooooo!
*hides my face with my shawl like my face is on 999*

Tak sempat nak pegi mek oi walaupun dekat sekentot je. As I was looking attractive with my jaw wide opened and drooling over the spacious and luxurious mall, my feet were unknowingly dragging me to the red dangerous zone, Sephora. Bad bad feet. I should put you in my not-so-fresh gym socks for a week. You are lucky I don't go to gym that often. Count your toes. I mean, blessings. 

So there I was, throwing this and that in the basket as if tornado was going to hit and all these beauty products were going to be my life supply. I usually will splurge at Sephora only when I get the 10% discount voucher. That way I can save more and accumulate extra points for my next discount voucher. Quick disclaimer, I am not in any way trying to show off by listing all the products that I bought together with the prices. It's merely a point of reference. Sometimes I felt like, uuuuu I wanna try XXX cosmetic but I wonder how much does it cost and if it's within my budget oh wait lemme google it first to see the price in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) oh wait I can't find it oh mannnn that sucks now I have to step out from my cozy bed and go out Sephora just to know the price screwwww you Internet. So again, just as reference for you makeup junkie out there in case want to look up the price before buying it.

1. Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara - RM121

The reason why I was intrigued by this mascara was because it fits my dire need of a decent mascara for my lower lashes. Gosh, this mascara is just the bomb! The small rounded wand gives precise application for those tiny bottom lashes and it lengthens them like nobody's business. It's great for the upper lashes as well, that is if you have high level of patient. Girl I'm talking about Everest Mountain kinda high. Haha. Since the wand is quite small, it takes time to get it done. Macam, alahai ini kalau tanam pokok pisang sampai berbuah petik buat goreng cekodok jugak la baru siap. BUT, it is so worth the time and the sighs. It separates the lashes & lengthen them and you could build it up without getting any clumps. And since the wand is rounded, you can apply your mascara in 360 degree kinda way. You know, apply ikut kiri boleh kanan boleh, depan belakang atas bawah menyerong menyenget melintang tertonggek tertungging terpeleot, all can.

2. Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick (301) - RM121

Well, while I was at the Givenchy section (which I neverrrrrrr even take a glance at whenever I'm at Sephora), I couldn't help but notice this lipstick. What made my heart pounded so hard was the packaging. IS THAT LEATHER OMG GIVE IT TO ME NOW WOMAN! Punggaaaaaa. Tu dia punya loglaq beli sebab packaging. Kot seluaq leather logik akai jugak la boleh pakai. Ni lipstick leather nak tayang tang mana tak tau. Kena tindik sangkut kat hidung keting keting kot. Kehkehkeh. Anyway, this color particularly stood out and it swatched beautifully on my hand. So you know, it's not just because of the packaging. The lipstick itself is great. Yeah keep on telling yourself that Nur Fatin. Ok bye bye jangan beletiaq.

3. Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Full Cover Concealer - RM90

Yauwl know I got me some acne prone skin. So I'm always on the look out for good high coverage concealer. I've tried this once and I'm loving the creamy formula. It doesn't hold on to dry patches and is easy to blend. So far so good. I'll keep yauwl updated. Anak la ayam ya aaa auwww~

4. Sephora 12HR Crayon Eye Pencil (31 Purple Stilettos) - RM30

Just because I need a purple eyeliner. And this one is soooo creamy and glides on like a crayon. Isn't the name is so genius? Purple stilettos. 2 of my favorite things. Naming an eyeliner as stilettos. Just like naming your pet turtle as hamster.

5. NYX Retractable Eye liner (Golden Olive) - RM20

Because I need it. And this is pigmented as well. Kalau masuk angin takkan aku beli pulak kan.

6. Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara - RM22

A travel mini size mascara. That's why it's cheap. They displayed this at the cashier counter and as soon as I saw it, being all cute toink toink and all, I just had to. "Cik tolong bungkuih hat ni sekali". I think I'm gonna get it in full size when it runs out. Separates the lashes? Check. Lengthening the lashes macam bulu mata unta? Got it. Clump free? Yes, percuma.

7. Glam Glow Gift Sexy Set - RM240

Saving the last for best. Haaaaaaaaa~ (angelic voices)

So I was going to get the Supermud Clearing Treatment mask (the ones in white) and then the BA recommended me to get this set instead as it comes with full size (34g) Supermud mask along with 15g jar of Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment mask (in black). And the best part was...wait for it...wait for it...wait some was at the same price as 1 full size mask! Such a steal. Even a snob will grab this off the shelf.
The gift box is reversible so you can give this as present for her (pink side) or for him (blue side). Confuse? Here lemme show ya.

Putaq pusing tarik tonyoh, nak pink boleh nak biru boleh. Cute kan?
So if you ever plan to buy the Glam Glow mud mask, get this gift set cause it is sooooo worth it. Please please *pelok kaki*

That's all for now. I plan to have a full review on all the items I bought. Yes I know I said that on the previous haul too and I didn't finish reviewing them yet. But that's just life. Sometimes things don't happened exactly as planned. Excuse me miss sangat excuses kau.

Till my next makeupholic seizure,

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