Tutorial #9 : Vivid Floral Makeup Look ft Urban Decay Electric Palette

Hello beautiful people on planet Earth.

Today I'm gonna show you how to achieve this very bright vivid eye makeup look using Urban Decay Electric palette. I have this for a while now and I'm loving the pigmentation of it. Not to forget the super intense and bright colors that are just my cup of tea. I love using bold colors instead of natural ones, cause you know, go big or go home. YOLO katanya.

Step #1:

After priming your entire eyelids, softly swipe any soft brown as transition color. Here I used Creme Brule from Makeup Geek.

Step #2:

Take Jilted from the palette and blend it on the crease with the soft brown we just put earlier. Blend blend blend secukup rasa.

Step #3:

Mix Slowburn and Savage and pat it on the entire eyelids.

Step #4:

Mix Chaos and Urban and put it on the outer corner of the eyelids, softly blending it in.

Step #5:

Use Thrash and thrash it on the inner corner, blending it in with the eyelids color. 

Step #6:

Use the same color on step 3 and 4 and put it on the lower lash line.

Step #7:

Wing out your eyeliner and pop on your favorite falsies and you're doneeeeee.

Now a selfie with floral background would be perfect. But I don't have one even though my house dah macam hutan rimba dengan pokok bunga pelbagai jenis. My mom's obsess and I think it's because her name is Rose. In that case she should rename my name as Nur Salfiyah. Selfie-ah, geddit geddit? Haha.

Have fun!

Till my next Salfiyah,

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