Review : Zoeva Bamboo Set

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Remember my Zoeva Classic Face set review? (click HERE and just pretend you have read it). Well I told you that I got myself 2 sets of Zoeva brushes and since then I have gotten myself moreeee of Zoeva brushes. They're all awesome. Not the point. Cause today I'm reviewing the second set that I got, the Bamboo Set. Long overdue, I know. Sue me.

Ok please don't. Muah muah tenyum tenyum.

This set comes with 12 vegan brushes and the handles are made from bamboo.
I got this Bamboo Set from for RM144. Ka-ching! Doblas hengget sebatang. Nangis tak punya murah? But is it worth spending money on? Jeng jeng jeng.

 So the brushes come in this big dusty bag and inside, all brushes are placed neatly in a brush roll. Nothing beats Zoeva packaging. They are so generous.

I feel like a professional makeup artist already. *flips brush roll*

#1 Powder brush

One thing about these brushes are that  they are soft, but they are like, too tightly glued to the handle. Y'all know what I'm sayin'? It's like it's soft but not soft, cause it's dense.

So this powder brush is soft but too dense for my liking. It's not like other powder brushes where you can swirl it around in your compact powder. Cause it's awkwardly tight. Haha.  But it gets the job done. Cuma feeling tu tak berapa sampai. Macam alahai kau ni nak bedak kan muka aku ke nak main batu seremban. I only use this when all my powder brushes are overly dirty. My favorite one is definitely Zoeva 106 Powder brush.

#2 Buffer brush
This brush is an exception from the rest of the brushes in this set. It's soft and it buff out foundation seamlessly. It is very fluffy and wiggly and makes blending go so easily.

#3 Blush brush
Quick tongue twister. Blush brush blush brush blush brush bluwsh buwaish boiwsh blush cakap sampah.
This blush brush is somewhat smaller and the bristles are shorter than any blush brush that I own. And again it's soft and tight. It packs on blush quite okay but I'm not really satisfied using it to blend the blush. I don't really reach out for this as often unless I really need to.

#4 Foundation brush
 A classic paddle foundation brush. Never used it. In fact I never used any of my paddle foundation brush. Talking like a real makeup snob. Ampun!

#5 Fan brush
 This fan brush makes me want to squeeze it every time I see it. It's so thin and small. If your have eyeshadows fall out, keep calm and use this brush to sweep away the excess fall out. And you can use it to highlight the cheek bones and the bridge of your nose too. Love it.

Or if that's too mainstream for you, you may use it to fan out sate ayam. Or to control api masa bakar lemang. Ain't nobody stopping ya.

#6 Concealer brush
 This brush is basically a mini version of the paddle foundation brush. It's too big to put on concealer on your tiny acne spots but it's ideal if you want to use it to pat concealer under the eyes before blending it with your beauty blender or other brush.

#7 Crease brush
This crease brush is like a mixture of  Sigma E40 and E45. The bristle is gradually tapered on the center making it convenient to precisely apply eyeshadows on the crease and blending it at the same time. One of my favs from this set.

#8  Shader brush
 Even though this brush is quite large for applying eyeshadow all over the lid, but it gets the job done pretty nice and quick. You know, you don't have to pat on eyeshadow repeatedly to cover the entire lid. One swipe and you're done. However, I notice that it does not pick up eyeshadow that well so you have to really swipe tonyoh tenyeh the brush in the pan.

#9 Shader brush
A small version of the previous shader brush. Why can't the name this petite shader or something? Anyway, it packs on eyeshadow on the lid decently and it's great to be used to highlight under the brow bone as well..

#10  Eye blender brush
 I'm not really a fan of this brush. It's too dense. It can't even pick up eyeshadow too well let one to blend it. Sometimes I use it to put eyeshadow on the outer V of the lid but I think I have to dab it in the eyeshadow 5-7 times to get even a decent amount.

#11 Liner brush
 If you have round big eyes with the lid as wide as football field, maybe you can use this as your eyeliner brush. But for small hooded eye lid like mine, girl that's so offensive. It's too big yauwl. But I love using this brush for carving out my eyebrows with concealer. It's a perfect fit for under the eyebrows. Love it for that purpose.

#12 Lip brush
Last but not least, a lip brush. I'm soooo excited to have this cause I never own a lip brush and I just can't justify buying one. It's thin and tiny and perfect to apply lipstick especially on the edge of the lips. It is also great to be used to tidy up your outer lip line with concealer.

Sooooooooo, I think this brush set is great mainly for beginners. If you only just started with makeup, this brush set is perfect for you cause it has everything you need. It's true that there are some hits and misses but all in all I think it gets the job done. I wouldn't recommend this for professionals or for those who has own tons of makeup brushes. You don't really need this in your collection, but I do highly recommend getting other Zoeva brushes especially the individual ones. They are all great quality as Sigma brushes but with half the cost.

Thank you for reading my review!

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  1. Thanks for the helpful review! I was thinking about getting this brush set, the face brushes and the eye blender looked super nice. But I appreciate you writing this post and letting me know I don't need them in my life haha! I agree, they would be better for beginners.



    1. Thank you so much for reading! Glad I could help. But other Zoeva brushes are awesome though. You might wanna try them out =)