Review : Maybelline Color Elixir Lip Polish

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Hey there gorgeous.

Today I'm reviewing the Maybelline Color Elixir Lip Polish.
Pehhh, mukadimah skema macam buat karangan UPSR.

I think this Color Elixir line is fairly new, as in this year new. I just got mine last month at Guardian and if I'm not mistaken there were only 10 shades available in Malaysia as opposed to 20 launched shades.
 Sadly, I didn't bought them...yet.

It retails for RM32.90 and is available at all Watson & Guardian & wherever you can find Maybelline. When I first saw it, I thought it was a lipstick. You know, the physical shape of a lipstick kinda lipstick, because you can see it through the plastic packaging. I got a weird feeling when I had to twist it open. I made an even weirder look (imagine frown forehead + widen eyes + slightly expanding nostrils) when I found out it has an applicator, like a lip gloss.

It claims to be 3-in-1 lip polish product, where it provides the intensity & pigmentation of a lipstick, a moisturizing cushiony feeling of a lip balm and a shine of a lip gloss.

What now?

I picked up two colors, GLAM6 & GLAM7. Tapi hairan bin hairun anak pak aji harian. Because the names of the shades are not the same as the ones in the Maybelline's website. I believe the ones I bought are actually called Celestial Coral & Caviar Couture. I don't have any idea why they change it. I noticed that they do that to Maybelline lipstick as well. They think we couldn't care less on the name. Oh man, we do. I mean, who doesn't want to say "Girl, I'm wearing Couture on my lips right now." *snaps finger*

Anyhow, here are the two Color Elixir that I brought home. Brought as in bought please. Not brought as in hiding it in my socks and walked out the store. I don't wear socks. I wear high heels. Oh my god straying away from the topic. Get it together!

(L-R) : Caviar Couture (GLAM6), Celestial Coral (GLAM7)

Moving on to the lip swatches. I'm gonna show you my bare dry and chapped lips beforehand so you can see the pigmentation of the Color Elixir Lip Polish.

Cakkkk! Tu dia muka. Macam ada samosa dalam pipi.

♥ Celestial Coral ♥

Celestial Coral (GLAM7) is more of a coral-ly with pink undertone color with a right amount of shine. Not too overly glossy like you just dipped your mouth in the cooking oil. The pigmentation is medium buildable. The first swipe does not give the coverage that I want so I put on another layer. And it does not feel sticky or streaky.

♥ Caviar Couture ♥

Caviar Couture (GLAM6) has a reddish berry burgundy color, which I think is the most opaque out of all the Color Elixir that I swatched. This dark tone lip color normally is not my cup of tea, cos it makes me look like an evil stepmother. But I can't resist how beautiful the color is. One stroke of color is enough but it's a bit tricky to get it even on the lip so you need to sweep it back and forth few times.


Application : 4/5
It's easy to apply since it has the tear drop shaped wand. Glides smoothly and does not look streaky but requires few strokes to get it even. 

Pigmentation : 4/5
I'd have to say the dark color has more opacity than the coral pink color. Although it doesn't seem to be as intense as a liquid lipstick, I find the pigmentation is great and covers my natural lips well.

Texture : 4.5/5
I love love love how it feels soft and smooth like a lip balm. The texture feels more like a mousse and it is not sticky and overly glossy at all. 

Longevity : 3.5/5
Last only around for 3 to 4 hours on me.

All in all, I love the Color Elixir Lip Polish. They do not accentuate the dry patches that I have on my chapped lips. I wish there are more color selections available in Malaysia, like the nude ones.
Please please bring in more shades *peluk kaki mak guard Watson*

Till my next rambling review,

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