What's in my Travel Makeup Bag?

I'm travelling to Johor Bahru for my company's retreat. The retreat isn't for me. It's a long story. Okay okay, I'll tell you anyway. I'm going there to assist my big bosses getting ready for their performance.

Phewww, that's longer than I expected. Haha.

Okay, basically the retreat is held annually at big fancy hotel for the top management level a.k.a the big bosses. On the second day of the retreat, there will be a performance dinner where all divisions will perform according to the theme given. Since it's a competition, you damn right we gonna dance and twist till our feet burn and the stage crack. Not we, the big bosses I mean. 

It's a 3-days retreat filled in with boring informative speech & talk session. For the bosses, it's work.
 Well for me *putting on sunnies and beach hat*, it's holidayyyyy baby!

Here are the essentials makeup that I bring along when I'm travelling. A little heads up, I'm never a light packer. I always pack more. I live by the motto, "Biar lebih, jangan tak cukup. Kerana diriku begitu berharga. Maybe it's Maybelline maybe it's not". Lagipun, I'm a woman. That alone explains the macam-nak-pergi-umrah luggage that I carry.

A little tip; try to pack your makeup according to the sequence of how you put your makeup on. Starting from face to brows to eyes to bla bla bla. So throw in foundation, concealer, brow powder, eye primer bla bla bla.

The 15 essentials things that I packed (I bring more, but they are absolutely optional. Don't mind me, I have an oh-no-I-shouldn't-leave-you-and-you-and-you-and-you disorder).

1. Face Primer - Benefit "That Gal"
You may skip face primer if you want. But this one I need because ever since I took my acne meds, my skin has been as dry as Sahara desert. Most of my primers are for oily greasy monster that I used to be and they will accentuate the dry patches on my skin. So That Gal primer is my life savior for now because it soften the skin and moisturize the dry patches. Plus, it is in teeny weeny travelling tube and I can just slip it in my pocket and won't notice it's even there.

2. Foundation - Urban Decay Naked Skin
If you plan to spend your time mostly outdoor, bring along a lightweight foundation so that you will comfortable wearing it all day.

3. Concealer - MAC Prolongwear NW25
NEED. Throw it in the bag & zip it.

4. Setting Powder - MAC Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder
To set my under eye concealer. You can use the same powder to set the whole face. It's convenient that way. But I don't. Because both powders need my love this week. Slap me please.

5. Another powder that needs your love - Makeup Forever HD Powder
Just because.

6. Brow powder kit - NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder
I have half eyebrows. When I put on foundation all over my face, it looks like only my eyes are floating. 
Draw your eyebrows lady. Fake it till you make it.

7. Eye Primer - Urban Decay Primer Portion
In every situation, an eye primer is a MUST to prep for your eyeshadows. Especially if you have oily eyelids. You wouldn't want you eyeshadows to melt at the end of the day, kan kan? Tak meowww grrrr arrr arrrr la kalau eyeshadow di mata berlubang tengah-tengah.

8. Eyeshadow Palette - Sleek i-Divine Ultra Dark Mattes Palette
Bring a palette that is compact, light, and have it all. Meaning, it has all the eyeshadows you ever need. This Sleek palette is perfect. And I haven't had enough of it just yet, so come here you. Come with mama.

9. Eye liner - Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner
Bring you favorite liner. It can be the gel one, the liquid one, the kajol one, which ever you prefer.

10. Jumbo pencil - NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil & Sephora Crayon Jumbo
Basically, it's eyeliner, again. Hear me out first before you write down my craziness score point, will ya? Hehe. In case I ever need an eyeshadow base, be it white for pop of color, or dark for smoky eyes, *snaps finger* I have it lady.

11. Mascara - Maybelline the Rocket Volume Express & Revlon Lash Portion
One for upper lash, one for lower lash. They both demand to have their own mascara. I'm helpless okay.

12. Bronzer - Benefit Hoola 
Try to avoid bringing the bronzer in bulky packaging and go for the compact mini size one if you have it. 

13. Blusher- the Balm Frat Boy
Again, another mini compact blusher. I love the Balm packaging. They are so cute and light. Ringan sampai kalau jentik melayang p Aloq Setaq. 
Bring a blusher that can suit all makeup look. But hey, if you want to bring more, who am I to judge?

14. Lip Balm - EoS Lip Balm
To moisturize & prep your lips before lipstick. A healthy nourishing lips. You need to look good even when travelling. No no, ESPECIALLY when travelling. People will look at you and say "Tu dia segak lawanya orang tu, mai dari mana..". 
*a proud Bagan Serai-an*

15. Lipstick & Lip Gloss - MAC Please Me, NYX Pumpkin Pie, Inglot Sleeks Cream & Maybelline Elixir 
You can never have/bring too may of this, right? Smack it up ladies!

I use my lovely Victoria's Secret Makeup bag to store all of my babies. It's really spacious and neat. I have plenty of space left. Should I bring more? Oh damn you syaitooonnnnnn!

I hope you enjoy this post and may it help you to pack you travel makeup stuff. 
Excuse me now, I need to pack my brushes. 
#neverendingpacking #iamcominghome #iamnotmovingtoJB

Till my next disorder,

Atin the Mak Datin

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