Tutorial #6 : My Eyebrow Routine (without trimming)


Today I'm gonna show you how to shape your eyebrows without trimming it. My friend, Gem (bukan nama sebenar) has been asking me on how to do long arched eyebrows. I don't know why she has to ask since she has annoyingly beautiful natural eyebrows. Haha. Well if someone asked me something for the third times, I ought to do it man. A tutorial I mean. Not applicable to harta benda sepencarian.

To begin with, meet my naturally sparse eyebrows of mine. Bersepah. Tebal tetapi jarang jarang. Macam eyebrows jantan dah rupa. I personally don't trim my brows but I do cover up the short untrimmed hairs with concealer to make it looks neat.

Here are the tools that I use to do my brows:

#1 : An eyebrow brush or a spoolie 
#2 : An eyebrow pencil - Elianto Eyebrow pencil in Brown
#3 : Eyebrow powder - NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Dark Brown
#4 : An angled brush : Sigma E65 (you can use the brush and spoolie that come with the NYX Eyebrow kit)
#5 : A concealer - Maybelline Mineral concealer in Light

First things first, give your brows a nice brush using eyebrow brush or a spoolie so that the hair is not looking crazy and unruly and bertebaran like this pakcik.

Even a surgeon can't save his brows. Teehee!

Then comes the fun part where you need to draw kind of a frame to your brows using eyebrow pencil. I start by lining the lower line of the brows, starting from the very front of the brows going upward to the natural arch of my brows.

After that, start lining it down by making sort of a turn downwards. Oh my god I'm suck at explaining  
*banging my head to the wall*
You know what I mean right?

You can stop the line a little past your eyes. Don't get excited and draw the line til you ears pulak. But I guess you can if you are wearing hijab. Lukis line sampai belakang telinga pun xpe.

Next, do the same on your upper eyebrows. I usually follow my natural eyebrows since mine are rather wide. If you have thin eyebrows and want to make it looks fuller, by all means you may draw it higher than you natural brows.

Stop at the highest point of the brows and start connecting it to the lower brow tails.

Like so. After that, you can start filling in your brows using the eyebrow pencil by making small strokes. Like you are coloring picture in color book. I prefer filling in the brows using eyebrow powder to get a natural finish. Take the powder using a small brush and heavily fill in the outer part of the brows.

Then to create a natural looking brow, use a light hand to fill in the inner part of the brow.

The reason why you need to light handed-ly fill in the inner brows is because you wouldn't want your brows to look too intense and fierce. 

Would you?

Lastly, apply some concealer under the brows to sculpt your eyebrows, making it more arched and defined. Also to hide the short untrimmed brow hairs.

See the massive difference?
Now you may head outside with only one eyebrow done and be a new trendsetter. Be a new Lady Gaga. 
Lady Gigi?

Just kidding. Please don't do that. Don't forget to do your other eyebrow.

 That's better. Oh, and don't be alarmed if your eyebrows are not looking the same. Happens to me all the time. After all, eyebrows are sisters, not twins. It's okay if they look a tiny bit asymmetrical. The ladies understand and the guys won't have too much time to notice.

Hope this is helpful. Good luck!

Till my next tutorial, 
Atin the Kening Bersepah


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