Tutorial #5 : Sunrise 'Matahari Merembang' Makeup Look

Well hello there.

In today's look, I incorporate yellow & orange colors with a pop of blue which are inspired by sunrise view.
Or in other word, "matahari merembang atas kepala anak dara oi tak bangun tido lagi ke". Suits me so well, haha.

I used my Sleek Sunset Palette for this look which I did a review here if you want to cek cek cekidautttt. I bought three Sleek palettes at that time so you have to understand why I haven't got enough of it yet.

So down below are the stars of the show. The eyeshadows on the Sleek Sunrise palette have no names so I just kinda throw numbers on them so that you can see which color I am picking on this tutorial. Also, I did use a little help from another orange color from Elianto as a blending color. Also, it has no name. Poor little guy. I'm gonna call him "Where Is The Love?". Hashtag justbecause.

Step #1 
Prime your eyes. What do you think I was gonna say? Can't skip this step boo. Then take the orange eyeshadow Where Is The Love and put in on the inner and outer corner of your eyelid. Then swipe the eyeshadow and connect it on the crease.

Leave the center lid open with no eyeshadow. But if you have small hooded eye like me, it's inevitable to get some fallout on the center so just let it be, don't freak out. Haha.
After that, you need to blend the edges of the eyeshadow to eliminate harsh lines.

Like so. See what I mean by blending?

Step #2
Take the bright orange #4 from the Sunset palette and put it on the inner and outer corner of the eyelid, and again connect it on the crease. Blend the color into the transition color that we put earlier.

Step #3
Now take the gold color #5 from the same palette and dab it on the center on the lid.

Easy right? C'mon girl you can do it.

Step #4
If you have a light blue eyeliner, go ahead and pop it on your waterline. But I don't own one (shame on me, need to get one pronto), so I'm just gonna use NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk as a base for a blue eyeshadow color that I'm gonna put on the bottom lash line.

Step #5
Next....yup, you guessed it right, we gonna use blue on the waterline. Use blue eyeshadow #6 and put it on the waterline and blend on the bottom lash line.

Step #6
I was going to put a thin eyeliner because I don't want it to block the sunrise view on my eyelid. But my hand slipped so I just had to make peace with the medium size eyeliner.

There you have it. A sunshiny sunshine eyes. I really love this fun bright look. It made my day. No, wait. It shines my day is more like it. Haha.

♥ Eyes ♥
Benefit Stay Don't Stray | Elianto orange eyeshadow | Sleek Sunset Palette | Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner | Maybelline Rocket Volume Express Mascara

♥ Face ♥
Loreal True Match in N3 and N7 | MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW25 | Maybelline Mineral Concealer in Light | MAC Prep & Primer Transparent Finishing Powder (to set the under eyes) | Benefit Hello Flawless Powder in Beige (to set the rest of the face) | Benefit Hoola Bronzer | Sleek Blush by 3 Crochet

♥ Lips ♥
MAC Coral Bliss | NYX Pumpkin Pie

Till my next sunshiny tutorial,

Atin the Mak Datin

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