Review : Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation

I just got myself a brand new Kat Von D foundation yauwl. So naturally, I just had to do a review on this mind blowing foundation. Wanna know why it's mind blowing? Keep on reading. Go on, keep on keep on.

It claims to be a high-pigment foundation for full coverage with long lasting, beautiful finish. It's 24 hour wear foundation, transfer resistant, provides matte finish, fragrance free, oil-free and for all skin types.

I got the shade medium M54 (I'm an NC30 for MAC foundation) and this shade came out a bit lighter on my skin at first but when I finished applying my full face makeup, it turned out to be a perfect match. Maybe it oxidizes? 

I just cannot describe how high coverage this foundation is. It's the highest of the highest coverage foundation I have ever tried in my life. If you don't already know, I have an acne-prone skin and I'm always on the lookout for full coverage foundation. Even with the high coverage foundation that I own (click HERE to see my foundation demo), my blemishes are always peeking through so I need to conceal them with concealer.

Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know,
Well now they know.

But, with the Kat Von D foundation, no they won't know.
Let it go, let it gooooo~

Okay, I'm gonna shut up now and let my pictures here do the talking.



Excessive duck pout alert.

I was heading out so I did my eyes first. Because if I didn't, it will take me like, oh I don't know, maybe FOREVER for me to get ready after I took these pictures.

These pictures didn't even do me justice, cause my acne scars are redder than these. Eh? Redder is actually a word. Haha.

With 1 layer of Kat Von D foundation, lo and behold......

Bam!! No girl I got me no photoshop.

This is only 1 layer of foundation, with no setting powder.
 It must be some kind of sorcery I tell you.

At first you can see I look like I just jatuh tersembam muka masuk dalam bancuhan tepung cucur ikan bilis Adabi. But after I did my full face makeup, it oxidized and beautifully matched my skin tone.

Walaaaa. For the first time in NOT EVER, I never had to use any concealer to cover up my blemishes. I think the pictures are pretty self explanatory. The formula of this foundation is very thick. Yet it does not feel heavy on the skin and does not cake up. It's ideal for us, the oily greasy monster community. Haha.

I don't know how 24 hours long wearing it is, but I noticed after around 7 hours, the oil of my face starts to surfaced and made the foundation smear a little bit. But after touching up with translucent powder, the world becomes a better place again.


Application : 4/5
Despite being a thick foundation that it is, it applies very smooth and easily.

Pigmentation : 5/5
Really? Do I need to tell you more?

Texture : 4/5
Thick and heavy. Definitely not your everyday light weight my-natural-skin-but-better foundation. But it does not feel like you just slap on 5kg of cement on your face either. It's comfortable.

Longevity : 3.5/5
I would say the foundation held up pretty nicely throughout 7 hours of wearing before I started to look like cekodok baru lepas angkat dari kuali again. But nothing a blotting paper or touch up powder can't solve.

So, all in all, I loveeeee this foundation. It works like magic and definitely will be my staple foundation.
Although the foundation claims more than it proves to be, it is still a great foundation to have.

 If you suffer from acne prone skin like me, you need this in your life. Seriously sister. Get it pronto.
It's not available in Malaysia (boooooo!) but I pre-ordered it from The Fashionette Sisters.

Find them here:
Facebook The Fashionette
Instagram thefashionette_sisters

Till my next review,
Atin yang penuh jerawat, yes I know so what?
*kroh kroh*


  1. This is flawless! I would love to try the foundation! Too bad I have to get it online,I hope Kat Von D would enter Malaysia's market soon! I think that color matches you well though. ;)

  2. I know righttttttt~ It's a bummer we can't get them in Malaysia just yet. Yeah I thought it was too light as first but it turned out to be a perfect match. Thanks ^^

  3. hey!! ive been lusting after kat von d foundation for ages, was wondering where u ordered urs from? seems like a godsend for ppl with bad skin sobs

    1. Hi! I bought mine from IG that helped to buy from That IG no longer provides the service but now I'm placing my orders either at @makeupgeeklover or @shopmystash , both takes pre-order for international makeup =)

    2. Hi do you know if it's available in Malaysia now?

  4. No such thing as too anything! It looks lovely on you